StarTramps..Dudes..!!!! / Press

“Sweet guitar sounds...cool videos...keep it going!”

CMG Recording Studio AL - Reverb

“Really Diggin' Startrain and all the other shit that's not even on your first page!!”

Stiff Spirit - Reverb

“Really enjoyed The Time has come.”

ChelseaG - Reverb

“I’m LOVING The Time Has Come! Your stuff is great...”

Stiff Spirit - REVERB

“LOVE the sound ! Keep it up !”


“Like your tracks, wish you much success”


“Very cool..!”

Blabpipe - ReverbNation

“The time has come...fantastic production...love it”

Dawn Neptune - Reverb

“Much respect for your ArT”

DA Airway - ReverbNation

“Awesome music !”

RightUp - ReverbNation

“Great transcedental music!! Very relaxing!”

Thurgood Marshall Jones Jnr - r

“Awesome Track,, Great Song,, Excellent”

FREQUENCY - ReverbNation

“Very cool guitar play & sound”

Fatamorgana - ReverbNation

“Awesome guitar work! Very creative and inspiring work!”

Naked Singularity - ReverbNation

“Far out DUDES!”

EP Emsley - ReverbNation

“Diggin StarTrain”

Looney Train - ReverbNation

“Your shit is hot !”

Savear - Reverb

“Brilliant stuff that you have here...fresh, new and INCENDIARY...!”


“'excelentes creaciones'”

Snabisch - reverbnation

“Blown away!!”

Aidan Nolan - ReverbNation

“This band is totally cosmic.!”

Jean Johansson - ReverbNation

“Love the guitar work.!”

Shadow - ReverbNation

“Cosmic Wandering...a sort of meandering guitar trek..!”

Barbra Delarbre - ReverbNation

“Great sound and production”

Danny Greene - ReverbNation

“nicely done...great work”

Still inlimbo - REVERBNATION

“The StarWay Run...Awesome”

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“beautiful, spacious vibe to these tracks..diggin that free-forming, trippy guitar on "trampstar"..very immersive experience”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Tasty guitar on 'The Starway Run'”

Jeffery Whittman - ReverbNation

“Beautiful Music !”

7Heaven - ReverbNation

“very unique style”

Head G - ReverbNation

“Digging the cosmic jams”

Redwud - ReverbNation

“Fantastic music here”

PROMIZE - ReverbNation

“The StarWay Run...COOL..!”

The Fores - ReverbNation

“Excellent Work”

Enoch Arcane - ReverbNation

“Great Sound..Like it !”

X GOD - ReverbNation

“What a cool sound - keep it comin'!”

Johnny and the Bakery Boys - ReverbNation

“Awesome !”

PROMIZE - ReverbNation

“'The Starway Run' Awesome!”

Penny Jayne Black - ReverbNation

“your stuff is pretty impressive”

Dymond Cobbs - ReverbNation



“Love the airy feel of your tunes and tone man! Diggin it!!! ”

CGDJ - ReverbNation

“cool Tracks, great Sound...”

FranzHolzhauser - ReverbNation

“Excellent...Big Hi from Kent...bb..”

Biker Bob - ReverbNation

“Thrilled to have found STARTRAMPS here on RN! Cheers!”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Great sounds! You ROCK”

Runmill - ReverbNation

“really digging your music”

other world six - REVERBNATION

“u r the best! ”

Emine SARI - ReverbNation

“The Alien's have landed on you page again- listening too... Star Tramps Demo 25 01.12 So beautiful. I love it! As I do all of them. All the best Startramps”

Dee&TheAliens - ReverbNation

“GreatSound !”

Vecchi e Brutti - ReverbNation

“Nice guitar work.”

cal david - ReverbNation

“yo im lissenin to ur muzik right now ... ...dats watz up ...keep grindin ....”

Johni Lenz - ReverbNation

“Really enjoying your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska - ReverbNation

“Great Stuff!!!”

MagicStone - ReverbNation

“Cool sounding tunes!!”

J.R.I - ReverbNation

“hi good riff lovely”

patriste sun - Reverbnation

“Speak of sound, I love your music. Keep up the good work.”

Eva Delana Meeks - ReverbNation

“Cool band name!”

Rubix Wheel - ReverbNation

“Great sound, terrific tracks and attractive site! We are richer for having this experience together here on REVERBNATION… ”

Pat Branch/Bassplayer/Songwriter ♪♪♪♪♪♪ - REVERBNATION

“Hey! Nice and original sound and tunes of yours, really enjoyed the listening! : Cheers”

Together Alone - ReverbNation

“Great sounds, great music”

Donnie Stovall - ReverbNation

“...30 Dirty Thoughts recommend you to their fans.....”

30 Dirty Thoughts - ReverbNation

“Enjoyed watching your videos...All the best to you!!!”

Yolanda Foxx - ReverbNation

“Lovin the videos...ST Rules !”

TE Fireoved - ReverbNation

“Nice videos.”

Hot Rod - ReverbNation

“Awesome Out of this World great cartoon music , I demand Star Tramp music now.... get jamming !”

EdieSimmons - ReverbNation