Slitt / Press

“Singer Brad Slitt has composed an album full of sleazy good rockers, that are a lot of fun to listen to. One of my favorites is the hard rockin’ title track, “Eight Lives Gone”. I can only imagine the electricity the band brings to the stage with this tune. I can imagine the lighters swaying back and forth on the hair ballad “Fade Away”. While this song is good, the drum track kind of takes away what could have been one of the finer moments on this CD. Powered by kick ass tunes like “High Tonight”, “High Fashion” and “Six Six Sex”, Eight Lives Gone offers up a guttural attack on the senses that I won’t soon forget. The production qualities of Eight Lives Gone could have been a lot better, but this is still a pretty good CD overall. Ohio may not be a hot bed for sleaze rock, but certainly gives me hope for a rekindled music scene that is long overdue for some new excitement. Check out Eight Lives Gone for some sleazy good rock!”