SOL / Press

“In close Senses by SOL is an impressive poppy, hooky 11 song release from this DC based 5 piece. Toussaint and company bring the mojo and then some!....The songs are extremely melodic, passionate, funky and highly entertaining – and clearly prove this band is on to something special. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on them over the years to come.”

"in their "liberated" vocalist, Sol have a true soul stylist that could give John Legend a run for his money....what they produce is unique."

“Hear the Sol sound at its best on the quite lovely 'Mad At Love'. The opening, lugubrious string intro gives no clues to the crisp, building beater that follows' 'Heavy Rain' is another winner...The album's title cut is worth investigating too. 'Senses' is a tight beater which, if we're going back to comparisons, feels like Robin Thicke by way of Boz Scaggs, though neither (I think) ever employed an Ernie Isley style guitar in the way that Jody Mosser does here . Another great vocal from Barrett too and it's his vocals that give the LP its unity. There's lot going on with this album but "The Liberator" keeps it all together.”

“With “Seven,” the band has captured their rich blend of funk, blues, jazz and rock on disc which has echoes of John Mayer, Curtis Mayfield, and “Journeyman”-era Eric Clapton to mind...This is an act you shouldn’t miss live or on their relentness new disc.”