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Mr. 6ixxx inherited, of his multi-ethnic; multicultural (African-Latino-Dutch-Taino) Ancestry, a very unique rhythm and unmatched individual timbre that tells stories at about 120-125 BPM's.

And he does it all so Soulfully; with a bouquet of Jazz and a zesty aroma of Gospel; with inflection u must feel and feeling you must see.

With a Bass-line pulse that bumps mountains. With movement all about the back vocals, percussion and bass line(s), Mr. 6ixxx means to HOUSE U while he inspires you OR helps you through a break-up. Like SOUL music used to.

In his PentHOUSE Master Suite Retreat, Mr. 6ixxx might preach, teach, kiss & hug & love all over you. He might just hum or moan but This is LOVE. This is his HOUSE!

A PentHOUSE Master Suite Retreat of elegance and raw personal style. This really sounds like no one else at all actually.

THIS ~ Ladies & Gentlemen IS

Mr. 6ixxx

And This IS his

PentHOUSE Master Suite Retreat
Of A New Deep Soulful House Beat

This is how He DO IT :D

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*Executive Producer
*Musical Director
*Vocals (Lead & Background)
*Publisher (Angel Music Publishing)





Mr. 6ixxx has performed live in Spain, Italy, Greece, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Bahamas, Polynesia, Micronesia, as well as the USA - NYC (at the famed Ritz Club, Harlem's Mark Ballroom), NJ (competing alongside long time friend and classmate Queen Latifah - Ralley Raquet Club, Irvington Manor), Va (USS America, USS Milwaukee, Langley AFB) Ga (Traxx, Backstreet, Shark Bar & Church of God, Apostolic Church) NC (Garner Rec. Center, Durham Technical Community College) Florida, NOLA's Bourbon Street, Mississippi Gulf Coast (Sharky's On The Beach - Headliner, The Grand Casino, CBC Gulfport)…weddings, funerals, birthdays etc. If there is a need for the music to be heard, Mr. 6ixxx is NOT the type of artist that will deny an opportunity to share "The Gift". Music is HIS LIFE!

Writing has always been one of the best ways Mr. 6ixxx has been able to express those deeper feelings of love and relationships that once embodied Soul Music, Disco, R&B, Jazz and even the Blues. Mr. 6ixxx keeps with certain traditions but blends passion with precision and clarity that never subtracts from the lyric. Mr. 6ixxx has something to say; a STORY to tell you, and he doesn't want the STORY missed by the distractions of "doing too much" or over production. Mr. 6ixxx wants to be 'understood'…Mr. 6ixxx is a flat footed "sanger" with a 3.5 Octave range that he is not afraid to utilize but does NOT get caught up in "just the high notes…"

"Music should be more than notes and screams and (surely) much more than auto tune. As artists, we are communicating a thought; a feeling; an idea and (sometimes) too much embellishment or over-production can lose the whole point of the story. I am a story teller and a lover of good language. Ornamental notation is just that; it's an accessory to the dress which, for me, is always the lyric and the music coupled together as one" ~ Mr. 6ixxx (2014 interview with Star 94.5 DJ).

Mr. 6ixxx is Soul, Jazz, R&B; yes, HOUSE! Of the traditions of Stevie, Luther, Donnie, Johnny, Lionel, El, Phillip & Brian McKnight - seasoned with the FUNK of Rufus/Chaka Khan, Prince, EWF, & Chic; add a dash of the thoughtful inflection of his beloved Whitney Houston with a healthy portion of the sexy slow warm pulses and heaves of Sade & Anita Baker. NOW, add this combination to a winning Deep Soulful House Music production (Dope beatz, Flutes, Piano, SICK background vocals) and we NOW have a recipe for someone & something NEW, FRESH and very UNIQUE.

And, as a part of that Uniqueness, you will find that Mr. 6ixxx is a committed community servant. US Navy Veteran, after medical injury, Mr. 6ixxx continues his service in every community in which he's ever visited or resided in. Having worked with Habitat for Humanity for many years building affordable houses for American families to the seven years raising funds and awareness for the Durham Rescue Mission's goals of feeding & housing the homeless men and women while also aiding in the rehabilitation of many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, in Durham, NC. MLK day 2014, in Orlando, Florida even met Mr. 6ixxx handing out coats, hats, gloves and books to homeless and otherwise unfortunate citizens at Lake Eola. While also raising funds for a local Community Based 501c3.

In addition to these works, Mr. 6ixxx has put his money and body where his mouth is. Since 2009, Mr. 6ixxx has participated in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Triathlons whereby raising awareness and over $1 Million in donations from neighborly donors and corporations in an effort to end blood cancers after surviving his own minor battles. For over 8 years, Mr. 6ixxx has helped raise funds to sponsor Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's dinners for the homeless in Durham, NC with the Durham Rescue Mission; tens of thousands in donations collected to feed and ten f thousands in quality clothing donations of men's suits to ensure appeal and style when these men seek employment. #ThatsTheLoveHeHas

Mr. 6ixxx loves just about any venue but really enjoys a 'house' that brings him close to the audience for that warm intimate vibe/gathering; or the wonderment of outdoor performances adjacent the sounds of nature; any beach will do. That would speak to the African-Cuban-Brazilian-Arabian percussion you will find throughout this PentHOUSE Master Suite. Here's another 'elevation'. Are U Ready? Let's meet a gentlemen; a well spoken, elegant performer about the Globe with Rhythm, Funk and a very DEEP SOUL of Love and consciousness ~ Mr. 6ixxx

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Mr. 6ixxx - Vocals, Mr. 6ixxx - Vocals/Lyricist/Arranger/Percussion/Piano/Direction
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Mr. 6ixxx
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House / DeepSoulfulHouse, Disco, Electronic Dance,Tribal / R&B.AfroNeoClassicSoul.Jazzy Lounge

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Atlanta, GA
El Wilson Santiago & Moore

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