OC45 / Press

"This young streetpunk gang with a little touch of hardcore and ska from Boston. Powerful, raw and groovy sound, great sing-a-longs."

"The OC45 guys have completed a great album and are now about to embark on their first tour which will take them all over the South, the West Coast and the Midwest! They are a fine band working in the punk tradition and now after hearing this CD, no more need for rooting, I’m sure they’ll keep making me proud." - Slime Dog

"Third time I've listened to it [G.C.R.P.] this morning... I'm one away from pounding beers and smashing everything on my desk."

Drisky - Drisk Nation

"OC45 @ O’Brien’s Pub: O’Brien’s should be giving Allston a familiar old feeling with all the punk and metal sounds they’ve had rolling through. It’s hard to find official venues that consistently provide the aggressive undertones of heavy music the way they used to around here, and OC45 has a swag like The Tasmanian Devil. Kicking up dust in a swirling advance of completely ripped open guitar distortion, the band plays self described “Boston straight punk rock” that shows you its guts with a smile... Thanks for the thick layer of grease you dropped at O’Brien’s and for keeping the path proper for more to come."

"The cure for your Monday blues!"

Drisky - Drisk Nation

"I think of them as one of our up and coming punk bands as they are young and fairly new. They play straight ahead punk and their cover of “Career Opportunities” by The Clash is a good example, I think, of where they’re coming from."

"...a bunch of pop-punk cover song faggots!"

Lord Silky

"Slimedog - Well, you know that Phil was in The McGunks and I guess he likes the folk guy, and not in the manner of Dave with his puppets. So what ya think of these OC45 guys? Bang - I thought they were way cool…Good, young talent. Phil and Matt (from The Scrapes) were digging them too. Slimedog - At first I was appalled by the technical difficulties but when they did The Clash cover (Career Opportunities) I rejoiced with fervor. Bang - Yes, and I nearly lost my bodily functions at that moment. Good thing I started to leave a change of clothes in my car."

"OC45 (Boston, MA) is like taking The Ramones, Rancid, The Bouncing Souls, The Clash and Screeching Weasel; tossing them all into a blender and slapping them on stage in a giant beer glass full of awesomeness. These guys took me right back to the beginning of my punk music career. They fit across a bit of all the punk genres and come at you with an energy that makes you start dancing before the first chord is even ripped. Their blue-collar lyrics and solid punk influences really make these guys a great fit for any punk show. If you roll with punk, book shows, or are a band looking for another set... be sure to give these guys a buzz."