Niño Lobos / Press

"With a sound as eclectic as a mixologist concocting The Doors, Shwayze and Caifanes into a shot with no chaser; Niño Lobos bring a breath of fresh air with their tightly produced studio drums over a melody of synthesizers and catchy hooks for their freshman EP Robotics. Throughout Robotics one finds themselves in a happy medium; somewhere between psychedelic bliss and a spaced out odyssey as young-adult sensory over-load kicks in to rock an audience needing something a little more than genius. While most may use tracks like Taking Over Stereos to flaunt some self-proclaimed supremacy, Lobos utilize the opportunity to infuse an infectious party anthem; inviting listeners to let all inhibitions loose. With a fresh face, dope production and hypnotic lyrics, Lobos embody an artist capable of leaving teenage kids craving a new pop culture sensation and adults appealing to a new-age electro-pop/alternative rock sound. Simply put, Niño Lobos are a millennium ahead of the curve. "