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“Micahtron @ Hugs and Kisses, Hamburg”

“Micahtron LIVE at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes France Nov 6th!”

“02. Mit ihrer “Blood, Sweat & Queers Tour“ ist die Rapperin MicahTron derzeit im Zeichen einer Queer Bewegung auf Tour, die am Freitag in Berlin Station macht. “Blood, Sweat & Queers is a musical experience & inviting space where people of all genders, nationalities & sexualities come together to promote freedom of self expression. Our goal is to create a global movement that embraces the queer culture and inspires us to stand for who we are.“ In diesem Sinne wird die Sissy Party in der Loftus Hall diesmal von MicahTron und der kanadischen Djane SKYLAR aka DJ Lisa Delux gerockt. Sissy Party: MicahTron & SKYLAR, 19. September 2014, ab 23 Uhr, Loftus Hall, Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin - See more at: http://www.artschoolvets.com/news/2014/09/19/thank-god-its-friday-40/#sthash.hknkm24L.dpuf”

“MC artist MicahTron from San Francisco became popular with her fresh “old school soul and new school flow” in the international underground Hip Hop scene. Together with Canadian DJ Skylar aka Lisa Delux, they are now coming to Europe to spreading the BSQ movement and empower queer people around the globe.”

“For many years it seemed hip hop was dominated by macho, gay-hating artists. There was no place for alternative sexual identities. Thanks to a more diverse range of artists working in the genre, that seems to be changing now. Macklemore, Angel Haze, SIYA and Frank Ocean are part of the new generation of LGBT rappers whose lyrics deal explicitly with gay and lesbian themes. San Francisco-based rapper MichaTron is openly lesbian and has this to say about her oeuvre:”

“Rap-tastic: MICAHTRON The self-managed underground rapper—think Santigold meets Missy Elliott—is known for her fiercely electric live shows. In February, MicahTron opened for Girl Talk, and she is currently recording an EP with multi-platinum producer Anthony Resta, who’s worked with Elton John, Duran Duran, and Blondie. Check her out at the Elbo Room on June 28 for the Dyke March after-party and at El Rio on June 29 for Queerly Beloved.”

“Watch up and coming Bay Area artists, J-Matic and Micahtron, work on some new tracks in the following video.”

“Micah Tron is a rapper born and raised in San Francisco. She’s a queer woman of color, but the hurdles she has faced go even beyond her race, sexual preference, and gender. She lived in a shelter after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina and a few years into her twenties, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. But she hasn’t let this stop her from pursuing her music career – she says it actually motivates her. After her nephew was born deaf, she learned sign language, and her latest dream is to make music for the deaf community. She spoke with reporter Lo Benichou about her story.”

“DJs!!! Download the entire pack of WAV’s for free here –> bit.ly/QqgeSs A collaboration between two of San Francisco’s finest mc’s makes for a summertime smash on a bassed up banger produced by Ear Jerker.”

“MicahTron (pronounced "Meekah"), whose real name is Tramicah Dempsey, proudly wears her sexuality on stage and in the studio. She’d rather call herself a ‘lesbian hip-hop artist’ than a ‘hip-hop artist who happens to be a lesbian.’ “I'm fearless about being open,“ she said. “I hid it for years until I said ‘F--k it.’ I love women and nothing’s gonna change that. Yeah, it was scary but the hard part was coming out to my family. Once I did that I was okay. Everyone else just had to deal. I just gotta be me.””

“12. Micah Tron Micah Tron is a hip hop artist based in San Francisco and has already been playing over 200 shows, mostly around the Bay Area. In autumn we have posted the video for her grooving track “Bumper” which was shot in San Francisco and Oakland during the SF dyke march and the Santa Cruz pride, and it’s still one of my favorite posts from last year. During my research I found hout that Micah Tron just started a Kickstarter campaign for the recording and promotion of her debut EP, a 3-track-record that is yet untitled. A great opportunity to support an artist who has managed her career completely on her own from the beginning and deserves a push from the community.”

“Try not to move to this. We dare you.”

“Micah Tron It’s a Saturday, almost midnight, and the stacked speakers nearly scrape the ceiling at the Mission’s hottest new venue, Public Works. DJ Rapidfire makes a decibel-splitting introduction, and moments later the crowd twitches to cranking beats like a pulsating beefed-up muscle on Melky Cabrera’s backside as lesbian rapper Micah Tron (pronounced Mee-kah Trawn) instructs the packed room of hipsters to “back it up and use it like a bumper” while her larger-than-life artistic accomplice, Jocquese Whitfield, performs cartilage-defying vogue dips smack flat to the alcohol-sticky stage floor. A San Francisco native in a city of transients, Tron grew up on the music of Snoop Dogg, The Gap Band, Missy Elliott and MC Lyte. Bouncing between neighborhoods and homes (sometimes no home at all), Tron eventually landed a scholarship and a mentor who introduced her to the world of artistic options.............”

“Super-sharp MC Micah Tron has been rising through the Bay's hip-hop ranks with a deep electric sound and sexy come-ons. Check her out at www.soundcloud.com/Micahtron and peep her forthcoming EP "Jungle Music," produced by the HOTTUB crew. She'll be performing at the Crooked party at the Showdown on Friday, June 24 and on the Pride celebration main stage (www.sfpride.org) on Sunday, June 26 at 11:50 a.m. with her DJ Jeanine Da Feen. "Walking the streets of San Francisco inspire me, there's nothing like being surrounded by people who aren't afraid to be themselves. Our community could use more self-acceptance — we're beautiful people!"”

“This week we sit down with local queer, hip hop/ rap artist par excellence, MicahTron, who is opening for RYE RYE this Saturday at the Public Works in Hard French’s all day, two-parter music/dance marathon. SF born and bred, she honed her craft in creative writing and music production. Now, however, she focuses her energies on raising the bar in music during some tenuous times for female rap artists. Check out more about her here.”

“Pride (Main) Stage Located on 20th Street between Franklin & Webster Producer: Oakland Pride/John Eric Henry The Main Stage is the largest stage all of the stages and severs as a centerpiece for the Oakland Pride Event. The main stage features the most diverse performance, featuring local and international artist such as the rock band The Bruisers, the mallow sounds of Kinfolk Rhythm, and the soft Latin Jazz sounds of Caravanserai. Performance artists from The Oakland Ballet, San Francisco Cheer, and harmonics from such artists as Oakland’s Gay Men’s Choirs help to add seasoning to the afternoon event. The pacing and the journey of the main stage is perfect – with local DJs such as Micahtron, Blondie, and Mathew Baker bring the best blend of Old Skol, Urban, and Billboards top House and Club blends to the stage. Our headliner and International artist and performer Ce Ce Peniston will drive us home with an assortment of her well known and current sensational tracks.”

“Community Outreach: MicahTron If you haven’t yet heard of rising hip-hop artist MicahTron, listen up. This San Francisco MC is doing the Bay Area proud with her unique brand of queer-positive hip hop. And while her songs may have a queer bend to them, MicahTron’s infectious sound is all-inclusive. We recently caught up with MicahTron on her home turf of Treasure Island.”

“YoTv Interview”

“Micah Tron is an ORIGINAL Hip Hop artist who has graced the stages of popular venues such as Supper Club, Club Six, and Yerba Buena Center of the Arts. She represents the young and talented independent female artist, but most importantly, the queer. She is here today accompanied by her fellow native San Franciscan’s DJ “Jeanine Da Feen” and dancer “Jocquese Whitfield” who’s voguing style put’s Madonna to shame. So fellas grab your man, ladies grab your girl, or in some cases grab both, and get ready to grind to the sound that is…MICAH TRON”