“Mad Noise, the Funky, Hardworking Bay Area Street Band, Launches First Album, Tour Fundraising Effort—Mad Noise, the ubiquitous, scandalously funky acoustic/jazz/punk ensemble that haunts streetcorners and sidewalks from Berkeley to the Mission, has recorded its debut album -- and you can hear the first song from it, "Danger," below. The band also just launched a fundraising effort on Indiegogo to help pay for a West Coast tour, with packages ranging from a $10 digital download to a private house concert ($600) or a new acoustic guitar and lessons ($750). We've long been fans of this hyperliterate crew of humble musicians, of course, but the strongest argument for helping Mad Noise just might be the smoky blues-funk of "Danger," the first song on the new album. They can perform their alchemy in the studio, too.”

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“Best Local Band (2011)—What do you get when you compile a group of musically-inclined individuals named Mogli, Khalil, Pharaoh and Chris? An identity crisis with some rhythm. That is, until they encountered a wino-prophet from North Beach one fateful night, who said to the lads, "Nah, nah ... Y'all make some mad noise. You mad noise." Thus was Mad Noise born, a '30s and '40s blues and contemporary pop quartet seasoned with a dash of R&B. They promise to make Radiohead danceable (not just in the coked-out, Thom Yorke way), charm moms into dropping big bucks (Nicole Kidman would agree - she bought a CD last Saturday) and add sizzle to every stripper gathering, yacht club soiree and farmer's market. The all-acoustic ensemble unites bucket drums, guitar, harmonica and upright bass on their appropriately titled EP Noise Complaint, which they will soon follow with a compilation album of live recordings from the streets. They play every Saturday at the Embarcadero Farmer's Market...”

“Best Hyperlite-Busking Outfit (2011—Editor's Pick)—On Saturday nights you can often find Mad Noise thumping on various corners in the Mission District, playing its mix of covers and originals—and that's usually after the group has played for hours in its home base of Berkeley. The music can be chaotic and entrancing (and sometimes downright messy), but it's always charismatic, led by Sullivan's winsome voice.”

“If you combined the soulfulness of Ben Harper, the heartbreaking honesty of Tracy Chapman and the syncopated acoustic rhythms of Ani DiFranco, you would have Bay Area musician Khalil Sullivan and his band Mad Noise.”

“The name "Mad Noise" came from a North Beach wino who hung out with the buskers last July while they played in an alleyway between City Lights Books and Vesuvio Cafe. It stuck. The band does, indeed, make good on its name, especially now that it has a regular Saturday-night entourage.”