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“JASON BRACELIN LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL You don’t even have to see the label of the beer that Eric “Lando” Hagen has to make a pretty good guess as to where it was brewed. The first clue: Sewn on the singer/guitarist’s jeans, along with a peace sign patch and the logo for metallers High on Fire, is the Green Bay Packers insignia. The second clue: The same yellow-green-and-white “G” adorns the spare tire cover on the back of bassist Mike Schwarten’s Jeep. Yes, these are a couple of tried-and-true Wisconsin dudes, and so, naturally, Hagen is working on a Pabst, which, if not exactly Milwaukee’s finest, is getting the job done on a recent Thursday evening. “If you’re from Wisconsin, and you don’t drink beer and you don’t like cheese, the Brewers, the Packers and all these other things, it’s not going to work,” Hagen says with a grin outside of the MDV Entertainment rehearsal space, shooting a knowing glance at his bandmate, who’s at a wooden picnic”

“LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL It's a new year, time for some new bands. Kind of. With 2013 upon us, here are some fresh - and some more familiar - faces who are primed for bigger things in the upcoming months: LOTUS. Lotus' riffs pack a full-body buzz, a sensation akin to standing too close to an idling 18-wheeler. Frontman Eric "Lando" Hagen's guitar tone is as fuzzy as cotton balls in a rain storm of rabbit hides. And did we mention he sings of Trans Ams and gigantic flamethrowers? It all equates to some seriously seismic stoner rock. Hagen who co-created Bay Area badasses White Witch Canyon and the legendary stonerrock band Greenhouse Effect builds upon those band's tectonic rumbles here with a sound as vast as the desert where he has relocated.”

Jason Bracelin - Las Vegas Review Journal