Kubi $I / Press

“Musically, Kubi $i cites influences such as Kid Cudi, Tupac and Drake – a combination that helps create a smooth yet playful track. ‘How You Know’ was recorded in Nashville, Tennesse and came out of an extremely difficult situation. Kubi $I’s sister passed away, and as a result his brother Pali was released on temporary leave from his position in the US army as a combat medic. Pali flew to Milwaukee to feature on ‘How You Know’, creating a sense of family unity to record the track”

“African born rapper Kubi received impressive results for his debut mixtape "Redshirt Freshmen", hosted by DJ Young Cee. Raking in over 10,000 Streams and 5,000 Downloads on DatPiff.com in a short period of time, the Milwaukee rapper's project put the aspiring newcomer on the Hip-Hop landscape”