Katarus / Press

“This is a great song, beautiful in every aspect. Makes you want to cry with happiness. Its utterly speechless and incredible a great bit of piano”

Crowd review for "Birth"

“Wow, really incredible and original music.Well done!”

Kevin Mongelli

“This is a great instrumental record. It evokes emotion. It also demonstrates the talent that the musician has, and the range. It is definitely a song that grabs your attention, then takes you on a wonderful journey. I would like to hear this song again.”

Crowd review for Rain

“@katarusmusic hi! your music is very very beautiful! i really like it! you're so talented :)”

Katty ‏@KattyFindme

“@katarusmusic Your music is amazing! God Bless your work! ^_^”

Gabriela ‏@gabes_antunes

“The most beautiful piano song I have heard in many years ... tremendously emotional.”

qfeelthemusic ‏@qfeelthemusic

“Birth - The album is beautiful. Just had to buy it :-)”

Stephen Murphy ‏@sfmurphy01

“.. the arrangement is excellent .. the production is way ahead of the curve .. this performance is a masterpiece for the ages ..”

Crowd review for "Rain"

“I'm awestruck at it to be honest. I would recommend this song to anyone, past present or future. This artist is like Mozart of the modern age.”

Crowd review for "Rain"