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“As we turn the page on 2014 and head into a new year the question always remains who will be the next rapper or singer to blow and which rappers will remain on top. Here is a list of some of the top underground rap artists and r&b singers that you should be following in 2015.”

“Earlier today the Forbes Music Inc independent radio promotion department headed by D'ron Forbes launched the mainstream debut of Orlando, Florida independent recording artist Khing Jus Wurk. In what can be considered an all out assault on program and music directors across the globe, over 700 radio stations were hit with the special package.”

"We feel we can take Jus Wurk to new levels in his career" says Forbes Music Inc president D'ron Forbes.

“UrbanNews702 Speaks with Khing Jus Wurk...when we say Brooklyn's Own, we really mean it!! Must Read THIS!!!”

“That I am still who I was. That I can’t change. My life wasn’t easy or worse then the next, but it was mines so I come off as angry. Take the time to know me- I’m actually a cool guy. I like to have a great time, very silly and goofy. Take the time know Wurk and you’ll see I am just happy to be here.”

“UrbanNews702 speaks to King Jus Wurk when we say Brooklyn's own !!! we really mean it READ !!”

“Tell us about your Anti-Gun movement. Now I don’t want people to get this confused with I don’t like guns at all”

“Exclusive: Check out new music from Khing Jus Wurk @juswurk called I Am Wurk”

““No matter how rough it gets make sure you get back up, never stay down. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, because I promise you its not just you we all go through things its how we handle the things we go through…””

“Khing Jus Wurk Creating his Crown”

“Khing Wurk Riide”

“The Brooklyn Boy Making it Wurk!”