ILL POE / Press

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“He could take any person in the room, any image on the wall, and come up with a rhyme on the spot. Not just for a few seconds, either. P.O.E. could stretch an impromptu rap for as long as the audience stayed into it.”

“His style flows smoothly over slow break-beats, filled with deep bass and drums.”

Don Baumberger - Static Magazine

“His words and his energy, supported by DJ Shoba on the turntable, were captivating enough to forget the surroundings.”

“His socially conscious lyrics remind the listener of what's going on in the world, without becoming preachy.”

Don Baumberger - Static Magazine

"People around here influence me the most," VanBoening said. "Professor Fresh and ILL P.O.E. Ocho - all great."

Brian Rosemeyer - MSU Reporter