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We are a funk and blues band, man. Bringing new age awesomeness into a world drowning in pop.

With a 1971 hammond organ lighting the way, the Goombas incorperate the best sounds of the past century into their music. Rock 'n' roll is here and now.

The brotherhood began many years ago, in a basement in Whitby, ON. Meeting at school Dakota Wylie and Jordan Orr and former bassist Kenny, decided to have a jam session. The musical fusion was upon a magical level and it was immediately decided that a band shall be formed. Many practices later Josh Gilliland joined the line-up and added a new spectrum of awesome to the line-up. Gigs were booked and shows were played and the people cheered! Alas the temptress of a women and the foolishness of man lead to Kenny's demise as he left the band. As a three piece we grew stronger! We blended our talent and sculpted it like the finest marble statues in Venice. We were booking more shows and melting faces where ever we went. But the toll of switching instruments mid-song, (which was awesome! the crowd loved it), wore heavy and limited our musical output. Enter Dustin Cormier. Bassist extraordinaire, long time friend, all around zen master. The waters bode warm welcomes and the music began to flow once more. The input of Dustin added another musical pillar to the foundation of The Goombas. This brings us to the present day. We are a well established band in Oshawa/Whitby and we need to expand. We are going to rescue a world drowning in pop, with our toe-tapping melodies and funk-tastic rock!

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Band Members
Dakota Wylie - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Josh Gilliland - Organ/Piano/Vocals, Dustin Cormier - Bass/Percussion/Vocals, Jordan Orr - Drums/Percussion/Vocals, Alex Luscombe (Ginsberg) - Producer/Engineer/Manager
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The Goombas
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Indie / Blues, Funk, Soul / Psychedelic Rock

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Toronto, ON, CA
Alex Luscombe