Forsyth & Gee / Press

“[Eric's] voice is really wonderful, it has a really cool timbre to it, [his] phrasing is really wonderful - It's kind of jazzy...wow, multifaceted. Not just your normal singer-songwriter.”

“When one of Forsyth’s songs comes up, it is one of those moments when I go, “Wait…what song is that??” Eric Forsyth’s sound is comprised of an intriguing blend of impressive acoustic-roots-folk guitar work underneath, overlaid with Forsyth’s surprisingly smooth, soulful vocals...Just plain good music.”

“It was way smart to cast David Willis on mandolin, and Forsyth's composition is flawless throughout this six-song EP.”

“Forsyth does have something here, something nice -- and definitely solid -- if not completely unique.”

“A solid performance and maturing songwriting are the highlights of this sophomore record”