Ramsey / Press

““ Can't Breathe has a sweetness to it. I have been there...keep'em coming! ””

mz g

““ good song ramsey keep on doing what you do best ””

collinolliv Road Town Virgin

“Love your voice and your message! I'm praying for your continued success”


“You rock...I heard you sing at church, but this is truly a blessing. Will definitely buy your album.”


“People are going to be blessed from this project...Go with God!!!”

Evangelist Watkins

“You truly have a wonderful voice and quite a talent. I love the sound and message of your music.”


“The music sounds awesome!!!!!! Most of all, God is pleased that you are enhancing his kingdom. God Bless.”

Pastor O.D.

“I love this sound. It will play well is so many varied markets. You have inspired me, Ed. It's never too late to follow your dreams. Great music....who won't love it!!!!!”


“What a gift you have. I thought I loved the cut of "Prodigal Son", then I heard "Desperate Love" and it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Looking forward to the full roll-out!”


“I can't wait to get this in my hands so I can play it in my car!! Sounds Good Mr. Ramsey!!”


“WOW!!!! The Stevie Wonder voice....the Marcus Miller bass....LOVE IT!”

Bruce J.

“You have a definite gift in music. I loved listening to the samples songs you shared!”

Romarkably positive

“All 3 releases are "hot" knock it out of the park "Ramsey"”

William Goines