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“Top Unsigned Bands in 2015 - Drayter at #4”

“Drayter Saves the Day in "Not Alone" Video”

“Yahoo Music is excited to give fans an advance listen to the band’s entire new album to get a taste of the sound.”

“Then the explosive main chorus hits...”

“Drayter has come up with a nice mix of pop and ...”

“Drayter was busy honing their craft, growing as artists and as people”

"...their energy is hard to match."

“We just want people to feel comfortable being themselves”

“Drayter is comprised of the high-energy duo of Liv Miner and Cole Schwartz...”

“Texas rock band Drayter have stayed busy ...”

Houston Free Press

“Just In Time For Their New Album Release; Drayter Signs Exclusive Sponsorship Contract with One of the Top Natural Energy Drinks - See more at: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-vuka-natural-energy-drinks-is-rocking-and-rolling-into-new-exclusive-sponsorship-with-hot-independent-rock-band-1448944850.html#sthash.kXwCjE55.dpuf”

“They flaunted impressive musicianship, all the while wrapping each song with pop-ready, rock-bitten vocals. Drayter combined that raw talent with hooky songs, prompting the crowd to pump their collective fists in the air.”

“Their music was like HALESTORM meets GREEN DAY and to me that’s an awesome combination! - See more at: http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=11012#sthash.KiDoSerO.dpuf”

“The band ....meshed well on stage musically and proved to be a difficult act to follow for Stolen Babies”

“The Best of 2013: A List of Bands & Albums You Need to Know”

"Drayter combine the best of British and American rock to deliver loud guitar, soaring vocal and defined percussion."

"Drayter is a group to watch for, cause they could just be the next big thing to happen. "

“DRAYTER was the musical guest on the Dallas Cowboys/Drew Pearson show on FOX (11/16/12)”


"DRATER is a band worth seeing."

“Not old enough to drive but have a lot of musical talent!”

“Halestorm move over and make way for a band that can be the next big thing.”

“You won't hate these Park Cities Kids”

“What makes Drater unique ... it’s the fact that the members are only barely in their teens.”

“Drater proves age does not matter in rock ‘n’ roll ”