Dina (Sesame Plexer) / Press

"What do [you] get when you combine a deep, sultry rock & blues leading lady with a wise-cracking, pickin' & grinnin' music man on guitar? None other than Vince & Dina, one of Daytona Beach's most lively & enjoyable acoustic acts to arrive on the local scene in a LONG time. You want beautiful melody? How about their take on the Cranberries 'Zombie' where Dina & Vince start off slow & sizzling & work their way to a harmonic crescendo that will bring out a touch of the old goose pimples" "Everyone knows that most cover bands they see on a night on the town are going to play those old familiar standards, & it's not that Vince & Dina are going to change that concept. What they have done, though, is take those songs to the forge in the garage & hammer & polish them into their own artwork. The harmonies they have hammered out reflect a level of polish not commonly found in most local acts."

“A little music in the air was just the ticket for retailers in the European Village complex on Palm Harbor Parkway. Musician James Crouch entertained residents Saturday night at the shopping and restaurant complex with a mix of blues and classic rock. Lawn chairs filled, open doors on balconies and overflow from Farley's Irish Pub listened to Dina Medeiros, a new addition to the group, belt out Janis Joplin's "Bobby McGee." Credence Clearwater Revival and the Rolling Stones were also on tap, as well as original songs from Crouch. ”