DJ Daniel James "Thumper"Rikku / Press

“DJ D.J. Thumper Rikku: I Love Dance Music I Live it i Breathe it and yes i even dance naked to it in front of the mirror among other things i do while listing to dance music non of which i will speak about in this format. Mak A: Why Not? DJ DJ Thumper Rikku: Because one i do not kiss and tell and two because your boyfriend hit on me at my gig last night ..... I took him home too ... Did not do anything Naughty but i did make sure is drunk horny butt made it home to you mak. MAK A: Well they are right you are honest about everything in your life”

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“I am a DJ Because i Love Dance Music I live it i breathe it and yes i even dance to it naked in front of a mirror”