Christalynn / Press

“Christalynn! your voice is the gift of GOD so amazing whenever i hear your voice it's like i'm in the heaven especially in hard time so thank you!”

Jeff Frink

“Hey Christalynn, I'm absolutely happy about the fact I found your song the water. Your voice and music, oh so, refreshing and soulful, accentuating beauty even more-so thru your voice. im hooked.”

Tim - MSN

“OMG Your voice is so good that it gives me goose bumps! So amazing! >Your song The Water means more to me that anyone will EVER know, the lyrics are perfect, and my god you can sing!!!!!!!!”

Eugenio Rowland

“Your music is Special...I love your voice keep doing your thang.”


“hi your "Get Up" is the most wonderful tune I heard in months! Plz keep it up!”

Arron Gillespie - Number One Music

“You will be an inspiration for many others out there...jist found you recently and I'm going to spread the word about your music”

Number One Music

“Every great move you make and every person you touch is a blessing. Keep up the great gift that was giving you from birth, and let no one try to steer you towards the wrong. All the best to you in everything you do. Cheers!! ”

Anonymus1 Black Star - Reverbnation

“Dear Christalynn, I love your music and I like how you sing. Your voice is great! You are the best singer in the world! I`m your biggest fan!”

Charles Keltz - Number One Music