The Beltempest / Press

"The Beltempest picks up where Statobahn left off ... a sound not easily categorized in today's fractured musical world. If it were 1975, some of The Beltempest's songs could have been chalked up as heavy metal, but the meaning of metal has mutated so much since then that The Beltempest is left with only being heavy. Similarly, The Beltempest might have been called progressive rock in the 70's, but prog has also hardened into something somewhat different than what they offer. The Beltempest sit at the boundary of genres with a cross-appeal to different audiences."

David Luhrssen - Shepherd-Express

“While Rock's sometimes funky playing and strong tenor voice have rounded out the band's range, Dietzler's contributions have helped define Statobahn's creative tension. He's an engineer and Hucke is a filmmaker, so every performance is a contest between sequential thinking and intuition. ”

“Bludgeoning guitars agitate against the more celestial tones of organ and other keyboards. ... this quintet isn’t shy about mining the occasional groove. As befitting a band with such expansive proclivities, Statobahn’s lyrics traffic in big concepts.”