Ages Apart / Press

"Civil War" has a killer hook and it's different than anything else on the radio.

Sparky - 104.1 The Blaze

"Civil War" has that big fu**ing chorus! That chorus is a fu**ing monster."

“Ages Apart is a kick ass band! S.T.A.T.I.C is an amazing album. Civil War is a fantastic addition to the Rock 105.9 playlist. Thanks for keeping our listeners in North Alabama rocking. Rock On!”

Hurricane - Rock 105.9

“Terrific performance by the band and great production. "Civil War" is better than most of the current top 30 at Mainstream Rock. Job well done!”

TC Kinkead - Rock 105.5 The Big Dog

“Ages Apart is on fire! This band is unstoppable.”

Jace Edwards - Rock93.7fm

““Civil War" rocks and is a very strong song for the Alternative Rock market!!!”

Ken Anthony - All Access

“Ages Apart saved my interest in Rock music.”

Sayyed - NeoSeeker

“'Can You Hear Me' is a revolution & will change what people listen to.”


"Your vocals pierce my heart and your music warms it. All I can say is thank you."

Exit Eden

“Ages Apart is a World-Class band that will go all the way! This is what Rock N Roll dreams are made of.”

Timothy Toutges - Ed Jones Production - Nashville, TN

“Ages Apart has a weirdly wholesome, hard-rock sound that skips fashionable angst for something closer to anguish. "Can You Hear Me" flirts with pathos, but has enough restraint to avoid becoming laughable. There's plenty of high-tension guitar, and "Lost" and "Burden" are power ballads confined to a straightjacket. The best part is that Ages Apart are timeless.”

J.R. Taylor - Black & White

“This band is really good! Why hasn't anyone sent this to me before?”

Lou Brutus - Sirius XM

“I am of the belief that no mattter how heavy a song is, it should still sound like music, which the song 'Burden' very well achieves. There is screaming, loud guitars, married perfectly with a strong melody, a definite tone, strong bass, big dark well rounded drums with just the right amount of room ambience, and strong perceived volume dynamics – overall, a very well recorded hard rock song”

Haven Yates - OurStage

“You guys have a great sound with hard hitting rhythms and an amazing lead vocalist that really separates you from other bands and distinguishes you as unique. Yet, the melodies are very catchy that you could make it into the mainstream market!”

“This band is great! They know their target audience. It's very rare these days that you get a rock band with such a positive message.”

NBC 13

“A really hard sound with inspirational lyrics.”


“Not many bands impress me at first look, but you guys are Freakin Amazing! I will Definitely make room in my iPod for Ages Apart.”

“You guys are fu**in epic! Like, you made modern day hardcore music sound sissified, and you were playing acoustic. When I get some money, I'm buying your cd and your shirt. You guys are EpIc!!!!”

“Have you ever been listening to music and come across a band you didn't know? Well that's what happened just now and being all about music I usually judge a band in the first few seconds of a song. I just wanted to tell you guys that your music is AMAZING. You officially have another fan!”

“Wow! Great tunes...Intense, gritty, and melodic.”

“I really like your song I Believed! It speaks to me in a way no music has done before.”

“All I've got to say is THAT IS SOME INTENSE MUSIC! I love the sound. WOW! I'm IMPRESSED!”

“I think I'm in love...LOL...With your music xD”

“Absolutely amazing. Amazing lyrics. Amazing sound. Amazing vocals.”

“Wow...Ok, You have my attention! Pretty Impressive guyz.”

“Sounds Phantasmagorical! In all seriousness, You guys rock. Love the sound, lyrics, all of it!”

“You guys are the first band that I've heard off of myspace that I actually like.”

“That sounded hot, I like the heavy grunge riffs and the melodic vocals. The mix sounds sexy.”

“Guys, I love your music so much! How the lyrics touch my heart and brings tears to my eyes, because it's true stuff. The emotion you put in it, how the music and beat sucks you in. I love it. Keep up the good work! Love Ya'll”

“Burden is a BEAUTIFUL song! You guys got some talent going on; keep rocking!”

“Great sound, beautiful acoustical playing on the guitar. Your voice sounds so true like you are singing from your soul and is sure to reach across a wide spectrum of fans. All the hopeless romantics will love this song... It will be a smash hit!!”

“Burden is amazing!! I enjoy receiving text updates from you guys. Especially the one from today :) Great job!”

“WOW, BURDEN IS THE S**T! Can't wait for some more guys! Sounds awesome!!!”

“I love Burden. It's dramatic, dynamic and blood stirring. No wonder why you have so many hits.”


“Glad to be your Metal friend! I LOVE your song "Burden". It's at the top of my profile playlist. Can't wait for more!”

“Hey, you guys ROCK! I love your music! I listen to you guys every day! Keep up the awesome rock!!!”

“You have a wonderful sound! I especially love "Burden". It's haunting, yet rocks!”

“Sweetness! I NEVER add random bands on myspace & I normally don't even look at their pages but for some reason I actually did go check out yours. After the first 30 seconds of the first song I knew I was gonna add you guys. I LOVE your sound & I hope you come to Indy sometime soon!”

“These Birmingham rockers proffer some old school, no frills alt-rock with an even mix of anthems and ballads.”

David Feltman - Birmingham Weekly

“Ages Apart combines skillful musical talent with artful lyric writing to create music that is hauntingly beautiful and refreshing. We recommend you make plans to see them now where ever they’re playing before you wake up one day soon to discover yourself in a lawn chair two days out from the concert waiting patiently in line to get your tickets.”

MallBirmingham.com - Album Review

“Ages Apart is on fire! This band is unstoppable.”

“'Can You Hear Me' is a killer CD! It's kind of like RED meets 30 Seconds to Mars.”

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