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“Now, some three-and-a-half years later, Colorado Springs' first and only Oi! band is finally releasing its debut CD. The group has actually been together twice that long, but its output has been limited to homemade CD-Rs, Bandcamp downloads, and a split 7" with Denver Oi! band Total Annihilation. ("Oi!" by the way, is a cockney term for "hey" that was adopted by '70s skinheads to describe their music; the exclamation point is mandatory.) Many of the songs on 99 Bottles are about drinking and working ("I'm working class and I know why / Cause I bust my ass and I fucking try") or drinking and fighting ("Even on the ground all covered in blood / Skinhead pride will stand you up"). The rest are about drinking and having fun. Which is something 99 Bottles appears to be doing more of these days.”

“On April 23, nearly two dozen cities will host simultaneous "Coast-to-Coast Rock Against Racism Day" shows to raise money for the counter-protesters' legal and medical bills. Here in Colorado Springs, the Rock Against Racism benefit will take place at the Triple Nickel, where headliners 99 Bottles will also be celebrating the release of their self-titled debut CD. The group, which promotes itself as Colorado Springs' first and only traditional Oi! band, writes songs about "working, violence, drinking and other hood-rat shit."”

“So lyrically it are the usual suspects that cross by, but musically 99 Bottles’ sound has a bit of an odd influence to it: The Nobodys. Now I am not saying this because both bands happen to be from the same state, although it might as well be the exact reason that these influences are there. They’re obviously not in the boisterous, mid-tempo sing-alongs like the extremely melodic “Working Drunk” or “I Know Why”, but definitely on those tracks that have a faster pace to it, such as “Here’s To The Days” and “Trouble”. And you know what? I like it! Therefor 99 Bottles is a band that can easily attract both skins and punks, or anyone that likes a bit of trouble and a decent amount of drinking in his or her life! If you are one of those people you can pick this CD up directly through the band for 10 bucks! 2016 and there are still 99 bottles of beer on the wall, cheers!”

“Our collective opinion is that punk rock and oi should be about having a good time with your friends, drinking, fighting, etc. This is what we write our songs about.”

“Colorado Springs' Oi! band 99 Bottles are in the middle of rounding up their first full-length record. I have heard an unmixed and unmastered version of the upcoming album and it already sounds great as it is! Stoked to hear the final version”

“99 Bottles kick out another vicious Oi! attack with “Bound By Strength”!”

“This will also be an all-too-rare opportunity to catch Colorado Springs' favorite Oi! band, 99 Bottles, who manage to spend more time playing out on tour than they do in their own hometown. But if you can't wait until What's Left, you could head up to Denver's Marquis Theater this coming Sunday to catch 99 Bottles on a bill with U.K. legends The Business, who've been going strong since the late '70s. As chronicled in the book Spirit of '69: A Skinhead Bible, the South London band continues to battle the prevailing stereotypes that led to their "Oi Against Racism and Political Extremism ... But Still Against the System" tour. The Business also scored points with British football fans thanks to their "England 5, Germany 1" single, which became a stadium anthem after the 2001 World Cup qualifying match. And with the 2014 cup just a week away, what better way to celebrate?”

“Four tracks of oi! from Colorado. No mess, no fuss, just pure oi! oi! music done the classic American style. Both bands are definitely cut from the same mould. 99 Bottles are slightly more up-tempo, and bash out two originals that fans of The Bruisers or Iron Cross will be very happy with. Their song “Skinhead Violence” is their statement to the world and sums up the 99 Bottles sound. Total Annihilation have a slightly rougher sound on their song “You Never Were” and they round off the EP with a faithful rendition of the Templars tune “The Glory It Once Was”. These songs could have been recorded at any time in the past 20 or so years, straight up meat and potatoes oi! made in the USA and proud. They aren’t gonna change the world, but this will keep fans of the genre happy.”

“And this is hymnal forward pushing straight ahead no bullshit American Oi! Oi! Oi! music with a great marking lead guitar and a strong rockin' edge to it that reminds me quite a bit of the almighty FATSKINS from Arizona/U.S.A. and this in the way of the delivery as well as in the approach of the music, but don't get me wrong, because they surely not copy and paste this legends. Rockin' and forward pushing guitars with great leads, snotty and very charismatic sung melodic lead vocals, and a precise as fuck rhythm section at work.”

“99 Bottles first and 'Lost My Way', a traditional burst of regular booted riffage that keeps to a set theme and upholds the honesty of the sub-genre. No fancy unnecessaries just a solid intro, grimaced gobbage, interspersed unified hollers, the odd 'fuck you' and of course an easy rhythm to join in with and stomp. It is a somewhat safe opening gambit but granite hard and utterly reliable.”

“Their two offerings 'Lost My way' and 'Skinhead Violence' are fast-paced, tuneful streetpunk with some sterling guitar work, similar in style to bands like Anti-Heros and Victory. Enjoyed the 99 Bottles tracks immensely!”

“Their music is violent and angry streetpunk which is supported by squelchy sound of the drums and light solos.”

“Their song-writing included the normal subjects of boots, beer, and tattoos but not in a campy attempt to recreate the legacy of the 70s. They are crafted much more in a way that reminds one of the abruptness of the Boston hardcore scene. After listening to their title track "99 bottles" you will be quickly singing along with their Oi punk mission statement.”

“Before recieving these songs i had only had the honor of hearing two songs by the band, their workingclass anthem "I know why" which i absolutely loved and their less convincing "Cigarette" which i never quite liked. The rest of the songs are of high quality with "Oh Bobby" being the best "new song". Their sound is like a mixture of punk-ish Oi! like White Flag Down and Swedish Oi! (kid you not) like Perkele since they putt a heavy emphasis on the guitars in their songs (resemblances are especially easy to hear on I know why).”

“Sometimes truisms proliferate because they're, well, true. That's the case with the biblical adage about prophets being without honor in their hometown, which is especially true in the world of music. Legendary jazz musicians relocated to Europe and Japan, where audiences were appreciative enough to earn them a living, while the most obscure American soul artists have been sought out in the U.K. by everyone from '60s mods to contemporary northern soul aficionados. Here at home, 99 Bottles might easily be cited as a current example, even though the group has been on the scene since 2009, earned a rapturous reception at last summer's Front Range Punk Fest, and went on to play a rousing set at the 2012 Indy Music Awards festival. While local indie-folk acts have become more prevalent than Tejon Street cover bands, the punk scene here is often overlooked. That's one of the reasons why 99 Bottles spend more time on tour and playing Denver haunts like the Lion's Lair and 3 Kings than they”

"There is nothing pretentious or pretty about these songs, they are a working class band who sing about what you would expect, drinking, fighting"

“oh yeah, fucked their world up! Plus, our guitar player zeb made lance bass eat a turd, and he cried like a little bitch”

“99 Bottles is an awesome street-punk/oi! band from Coloroda. They do a great live set and have shared the stage with some really great bands. They have also released a split with Piss & Vinegar. I got the band to tell their story...”

"We've got the real hardcore skinhead oi punk stuff like 99 Bottles."

“Oi! band 99 Bottles, who wouldn't sound out of place opening a show for Cock Sparrer”

“Firstly, tickets for Zombie Party 4, the annual gala of gore-core galore (and more!), are selling out faster than one of those new bullshit super-zombies. (Zombies are supposed to be slow, people ... they're DEAD!) Anyways, this year's party will, as always, be hosted by Colorado Springs' very own Stab Crew, and will feature bands from all over the great state of Colorado: Arach Attack (CS), the A-OKs (Denver), Murder Hat (CS), Ideal Citizens (Colorado City), 3 Grams Over an Ounce (Brighton), the Bowlers (Weld County), Ska Skank Redemption (San Diego, bwah?), Bleached (Pueblo), 99 Bottles (CS), Blighter (CS), Mike Morris Band (CS) and many possible others as the outbreak continues to spread. ”