4WITHOUT / Press

“You may have heard of this band already. They hit the scene and have been causing quite a stir. Their shows are high energy. The groove is heavy yet danceable. The lead singer, Janey Age, may be small in stature,( she only wears a size 5 shoe, I know because we were talking about shoes in the ladies room of the Des Plaines Theatre), but vocally, her voice packs a powerful punch. She puts me in mind of Bjork from the Sugarcubes belting out “Regina”. Feminine for sure, but not girly. There is structure and substance in the songs they write, the bass lines are funky and you can hear overtones of influences that range from rock, to jazz, to alternative, there is something for everyone. And for fun, they throw in a pretty cool rendition of “Personal Jesus”. This band has more to offer than just a pretty face, Janey is a smoking hot dynamo on stage and her boys are having no problem keeping up the pace. ~ Dawn Casey Perreault”

“The second act was 4without and they differed from the previous act by presenting one of the more dynamic little singers I have had the privilege of watching. Now, you’d think I’d remember her name, spent enough time talking to her, but can’t seem to remember, I do remember a lot of other things about her. When you watch the European femme metal singers, you tend to get a much more reserved style, more classically oriented, less moving around. Not this lady, she was all over the place, a little dynamo and very much fun to watch. Sound wasn’t bad either, good act, could have watched more but they had a second date that evening so they were here and gone.”

“These guys are pretty new. So new, in fact, that they don’t even have a demo yet! All we curious music lovers have to go by for now are a few songs posted to YouTube and a somewhat uninformative facebook page, but don’t let that be a reason to write this band off. Despite what little this band has for us to hear, they do show incredible promise, and I, for one, am excited to see where this band goes and what Dame-Nation attendees think of them! 4WITHOUT aren’t your generic hard rock band. There’s something about their sound that’s refreshing and unique. There’s a good amount of old school rock sensibility here, but not your general classic metal sound (Judas Priest, AC/DC, etc.) that a number of bands these days are going back to. Instead, it’s a bit closer to classic rock. Combine that with a bit of crunchy hard rock, some fun guitar work, and a bit of an alternative edge and you have 4WITHOUT.”