45 Spider / Press

“If you want to play those original Kingsmen, Wray, Sonics and Ramones vinyl singles you have to reach for your 45 Spider. However, I'm sure you have heard all of those classic songs a million times before. Therefore, I suggest you leave that vintage adapter right where it is. Instead, grab some 45 Spider and immerse yourself in a Bloodbath of Fuzz. - Old School”

“The band is a female-fronted Cleveland, Ohio rock quartet that pounds out a raw sound with all the hearmarks of 1960's Motown with a Heartful Of Garage Band Soul (apologies to The Yardbirds) - great melodies, tambourines, hand-clapping, organ, distorted guitar, driving bass and popping bass drums. Sure, there is that classic groove that will have you up and dancing, but there is more. For want of a better term, there is "grit." Maybe it's the water from the Cuyahoga River or the ashes of Art Modell in the air, I have no idea. (Disclaimer: My only time in Cleveland was spent in the hospital with food poisoning from one of the City's finer eating establishments, the presciently named "Shooters.") Whatever 45 Spider has, it comes off a bit dirty, punky, inner-city dank and blue collar. The new album is aptly named. Infused with infectious melodic grunge rock - the sound is exactly as suggested by its title.”

Old School - Ripple Music

“As a key spot in the development of rock & roll, Cleveland has long housed many a band banging out greasy kids stuff in a garage. Add in the influence of horror camp kingpin Ghoulardi and you get a particular brand of spooky spoofed up noise native to city, best exemplified by The Cramps, who formed in the nearby burb of Akron. Tonight, the Cavestomp folks, who specialize in such primitive sounds, have imported a couple Clevetown acts imbued with the aforementioned aesthetic. The female-led 45 Spider plays a mix of originals and obscure covers that shimmy as much as they shake.”

“Tangled up in a throwback web of garage rock, 45 Spider -- Thomas Torment (guitar), Hadley K. (vocals), Chanda Robson (drums) and Kevin Moore (bass) -- has been turning heads locally with its idiosyncratic Shangri-Las-singing-the-Troggs sound.”