180 OUT / Press

"There really wasn’t one bad song that I found on the entire release, it was just a matter of good and great ones." "I could write my review for ‘Black & White’ with only two words- Buy This!"

"Black & White is just a fun record. There’s so much in this that totally captivates its audience. The lyrics are truthful and straight to the point, speaking of all that waits for those who are in Christ."

"When I walked in the world, I spoke of it. Now that I walk with the Lord, I shout about it!"

"Christian Rock, No Apologies"

"180 Out joined this past year for the Locally Grown Indie Festival in Naples, FL and they were hands down the best act of the weekend! They rocked the house and everyone enjoyed their music and energy - they were off the hook awesome! Not only did they do a great job with their performance but they were able to connect with people who had neverheard their music before. Everyone was into 180 Out!"

Roy Terry - Terry Wylde Productions/Locally Grown Indie Fest

“OUT-standing!!! OUT-rageous!!!”

Billy Hetrich - Firehouse Ministries


Brent - The Spike Music Venue

“Thanks for the truly epic, Jesus filled show you guys put on. I was simply amazed by your energy. If more bands hand that kind of energy, there would be more people at christian concerts. keep up the good work”

Christian - Bel Air MD

"180 Out was one of the most energetic 3 pieces I have ever seen. The whole show was a great time and the entire crowd, regardless of their music taste, was front row right along with the band. These guys really understand the importance and meaning of stage presence."


“Your music and showmanship was amazing, the lyrics were refreshingly straight out gospel truth and we all loved it! You guys are definitely not candy-pants Christians. You're the real deal. ”

“Great show guys! I keep hearing comments about how much energy you guys brought and how accessible you were. Everyone had a GREAT time and really enjoyed it! ”

“Thanks for ministering at Uprise Fest! Super solid stage show and tons of energy, even when the heat was crazy! God showed up and I know things happened that will be measured in ways that we can't even understand yet.Everyone is really excited to see you guys again!!! ”

Bruce - Uprise Festival Shippensburg Pa

“Band sounds like Jesus chewing Bubble Gum”

““You guys have a tremendous passion for God and that’s amazing to see” ”

Timmy - Berlin, Md.

““You guys rock my socks off!! ”

KT - Lubbock, Tx