10 Horse Johnson / Press

"...sidesplitting musical comedy act..."

"Ozarks counter-country comedy band 10 Horse Johnson - one-name performers Newton, frontman and songwriter, and Dover, lead guitarist and music director - will perform at 8 p.m. today and Thursday at The Joint, 301 Main St., in North Little Rock’s Argenta District. The band recommends, because of suggestive lyrics, innuendo 'and an occasional soiled word,' parental guidance. 'The use of personal recording devices and flash photography are strictly - encouraged,' according to a news release, 'so bring your phones, hit record and throw the mess up on the YouTube.'"

"...riotously funny..."

“The name (10 Horse Johnson), though, is all that's changed since the band began in the late '90s in Los Angeles. The group's m.o. has always been a rowdy mix of country musical comedy and performance art. Newton and Dover were working as actors and, as Newton says, they'd gotten tired of waiting on the phone to ring for callbacks. Listeners in LA, it turns out, revere country music, and they found themselves booking consistent shows as musicians — no small feat in a city scrambling with thousands of acts.”

“Speaking of unique voices, the nudie-suited 10 Horse Johnson, country and western's answer to Tenacious D, opened the night with a torrent of songs about kissing Ned Beatty, the poor Reno-ite who ended up on the wrong side of Sue's bullet and guitarist Dover's wife. All replete with shoutouts to "Prozac Nation" author Elizabeth Wurtzel. ”

“...you guys blew us away last night with original entertainment and enhanced talent! ...It meant more to me that while 10 Horse Johnson may not have appeared to have as large of a present existing fan base you encapsulated a room full of strangers grasping an opportunity to make a first impression and set the bar high for the following bands in terms of talent, originality, technicality, and entertainment. These qualities meant more to me than getting a few party acquaintances to show up...”

“After winning over "A Playboy Home Companion" on Sirius Playboy Radio and making its Little Rock debut last April at a fund-raiser for Conway School Board also-ran Dwight David Honeycutt, the LR/LA-based 10 Horse Johnson has continued skewing classic country and western and lampooning the 21st century with songs like "That's the Prozac Talking" and "Lord Please Make My Daddy Burt Reynolds." Think: "Tenacious D on white lightnin' moonshine," fans say. I'm inclined to agree. ”

“The musical line-up's pretty stout. 10-Horse Johnson will make its Little Rock debut. And Ditto for Bigleg, who recorded the music for “DDH for CSB” and specializes in his own brand of twisted country (Dwight David says his favorite is called “Mule Tit”). Familiar names round out the bill. There's recent Showcase winner Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth, Times' entertainment guru JT Tarpley's band Frown Pow'r and 607 (another past Showcase winner) and his brother Bobby. ”

“'All My Favorite Drunks' was an instant hit on my show. I’ve heard a bunch of people say things like that, but it took 10 Horse Johnson to put it into a great country song.”

Dr. Demento - Dr. Demento Show

“Within five minutes, they had my girls dancing naked and the audience begging for more of their music. I believe it was our best show of the year.”

Farrell Hirsch, Executive Producer - Sirius XM Playboy Radio

“Upon hearing live debut of ‘Lord Please Make My Daddy Burt Reynolds,’ “My son doesn’t know I was a star.””

Burt Reynolds - On Set of NBC Sitcom, Emeril

“One night about eight years ago, my sister took 10 Horse Johnson into their tour bus and had her way with every one of them…and I STILL listen to their music. They're that good.”

Dwight David Honeycutt - Former Candidate, Conway School Board