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“'Somebody Sure' video playlisted on Magic TV (Sky channel 363, Virgin channel 340)”

“Live session and interview on Aled Jones' 'Good Morning Sundya' BBC Radio 2 show”

"That's lovely isn't it!" (Track 'Somebody Sure' played on Aled Jones' BBC Radio 2 show.)

“This London-based, Nigerian singer-songwriter makes gorgeous, timeless acoustic pop.”

“Wow! This is amazing. This is one from Zemmy Momoh. She is a brand new wonderful singer from the UK ... I am a big fan of hers now man. (Track 'Somebody Sure' played on his show 07.01.12)”

“(Love From London is an ongoing series where correspondents Alex Kenning and Izzy Lawrence introduce us to bands generating excitement across the pond.) Zemmy is a singer/songwriter originally from Nigeria. She has been based in London for the best part of 15 years and has been honing her unique twist of pop with catchy melodies and great lyrics. If comparisons need to be made, there are bits of Sia, Sade & Dido in there, along with influences of church hymns and classical music from her school days. It’s early days as Zemmy has just started getting a bit of radio support here in the UK (and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that KCRW’s very own Jason Kramer is also an early supporter. Stream and download her track “Somebody Sure” via Soundcloud.”

“Languid shades of Big Calm-era Morcheeba from the Anglo-Nigerian singer-songwriter. (Re track 'Like Drowning')”

“Zemmy is a Nigerian singer-songwriter from London. She makes lovely, mostly acoustic pop music that could be described as sophisticated lounge pop with the same particular ‘appeal-to-anyone-quality’ that makes Sade’s music so attractive. [Featured track: Somebody Sure]”

“Myspace homepage feature”

“Like Drowning is a testament to Zemmy’s unique talent... two impeccable soul tracks, Like Drowning, and Lonely Too.”

“Laid back, beautiful song. (Re track 'Somebody Sure')”

Caroline Beavon, Q Magazine Radio - New to Q

“This sassy, soulful lady is creating something slightly out of the ordinary in today’s musical landscape. With a distinctly 80s vibe, this lady has a jazzy, cosmopolitan vibe with elements of electro and rock smattered throughout her sound. Vocals are very much Lauryn Hill meets Sade.”

"'Somebody Sure' is a savory slice of striking, upbeat and soulful folk/pop from Zemmy, an independent songwriter born in Nigeria and living for the past fifteen years in London. We like the whole feel of the track, from the insistent rhythm base to the Zemmy's bright, airy vocals -- all driven with the jangle of an acoustic guitar and a melody that finds that sweet spot between Enya and Frou-Frou-era Imogen Heap."

“As she says in her bio, Zemmy writes soulful pop songs in the vein of Sia, Sade, Dido, Imogen Heap, and Enya. But in my opinion her music sweeps and sways more than any of those artists and reminds me more of someone like a more interesting Corrine Baily Rae or even Sinead Lohan (remember her?!) Of the few songs I’ve heard, my favorite is called Somebody Sure; which features the line “’Cause everything is easy till you are lying flat on your face.” So, so true. Check it out below. (Another beautiful voice with lyrics filled with introspection is @zemmyofficial. You must check her out! So good. [From twitter])”

“Awesome, unique and beautiful tune. (Re track 'Somebody Sure')”

David Hayman - Music Supervisor (Vapor Music)

"A track that's impressed us over the past few months... Rather gorgeous". (Re track 'Belonging')

“That was fantastic! Amazing! (Re live performance)”

“Really enjoyed the track... Your voice is heaven.”

“Just to sit and watch you sing that...what a privilege. It was stunning... You will probably hear about Zemmy all over the place. (Live session on the show - two tracks performed)”

"It was the vocals that drew me in on this one, that and the songwriting." [Re track 'Somebody Sure']

“London based singer/songwriter Zemmy Momoh, is truly artistic in every aspect. Her soothing voice blends so well with the acoustic guitars and brings a rich pop melody to your ears. It's nice to know that good pop music still exists out there.”

“Something great to start off the week from Singer/ Songwriter Zemmy Momoh. (Re track 'Somebody Sure')”

“A beautiful performance by a talented singer and musician. Loved your performance at Flavour Live.”

“Gary and I really like the tracks you posted on BBC Introducing; excellent work! 'Belonging' played on Gary Crowley's BBC London radio show 06/08/11”

“Beautiful vocal, soulful with a honest fragility. The lyrics are accomplished and intelligent. For me it's a pop song that gives you more than you would expect. I could hear this on the radio tomorrow anywhere.”

“Super sexy soulful pop with seriously catchy riffs and hooks, fabulous vocally too.”

“Zemmy has a big voice which combined with melodic songwriting, makes her a very promising new artist. I produced and mixed two songs for Zemmy at Nevo Sound Studios and I remember the vocal recording session as the pinnacle of the whole process. Zemmy sings beautifully and we only recorded 3 or 4 takes before I knew I had more than I needed. The takes were so good I had a hard time choosing one over the other. Yoad Nevo (Morcheeba, Air, Goldfrapp, Jem, Sugagbabes, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Moby) ”

“Up next is Zemmy who has a very vibrant persona, it can be seen within her that she loves to entertain. Getting into her set, her music has a rock feel that creates an infectious vibe causing the head to subconsciously bop along to the beat.”

“It never ceases to amaze us here at BOBCOM how much unsigned talent there is out there, and Zemmy is a great example - great voice, great tunes, great sound! We're honoured to have her in our FastTrack.”

BOBCOM (May newsletter) - BOBCOM

“Bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative the Londoner aims to draw us in, draw us closer to her songs and each other. For a great example of Zemmy’s spell-binding sound check out her mixtape track. ”

“...introducing Zemmy, the next act onto the stage. Undeniably talented she sings and plays the guitar, with a country style vibe to her tracks...”

Alya Mooro - ILuvLive Urban Music Showcase Review

"How beautiful was that" (about the song 'Superman' played on the Soulfood Selection part of her radio show.)

“A great track from this fine artist. ('Limbo' played on his Introducing show. 'Everything's Okay' also played previously.”

Tom Robinson - BBC Introducing: Fresh on the Net

“Plenty of time for this talented singer songwriter. A lovely tone to her voice, with nice accompaniment and some solid songs.”

“Up next is Zemmy who has a very vibrant persona, it can be seen within her that she loves to entertain. Getting into her set, her music has a rock feel that creates an infectious vibe causing the head to subconsciously bop along to the beat. Grateful for her drummer who made and effort to come all the way from Wales and the audience are as appreciative as she is!”

“Beautiful music from the UK based singer/songwriter and her band members as they travel across London performing. Check out Zemmy and more of her work on her Myspace page. Support the artist.”

“Hailing from London, Zemmy Momoh isn't just yet another singer-songwriter. She's got a real talent and we have our fingers crossed that we'll be seeing a lot more of her very soon.”

“I do not have to tell you that I am utterly and completely sold on the 'Soulful Pop' artist that is Zemmy and I hope you are too even if it isn't 'utterly and completely' yet but you cannot deny the potential that this young woman has. The variety in her music + her ability and willingness to play around successfully within such genres as Pop, Soul, Rock and even a bit of Folk is just beautiful and it means that she appeals to a wider range of audience such as Y.O.U and I think it's her voice that gives her that appeal. The first two songs we featured could not be more far apart and different from the latter two but her voice pins them all together. Did I already say that I'd buy her album right now? Well I so would! Utterly & Completely SOLD!”

“Zemmy represents a new type of pop-artist – an intelligent individual with appreciation of her craft and the ability to demonstrate it. Her vocal delivery is strong but never dull, her songwriting creative and educated. While she is yet to announce any kind of official release, Zemmy and her clever undemanding pop-tunes will surely be gracing a record soon – keep going as she is, and there will likely be a big fan base awaiting it. A pop-star in the making? Let’s hope so!”

“November’s Artist Spotlight goes to female singer/songwriter Zemmy. Born in Nigera and moving to London thirteen years ago, Zemmy has been working hard to get her music heard. She has been featured on BBC Radio 6′s Introducing show and plays live across the UK with her three piece band. We caught up with Zemmy to discuss her music so check the interview out and be sure to give her music a listen!”

“Hailing from the motherland with a sweet-soulful voice that could make a snake come out of its lair is none other than Zemmy Momoh. With a debut EP in the works, and producer maestro Yoad Nevo (who has produced for the likes of: Morcheeba, Air,Goldfrapp, Sugababes, Jem, Pet Shop Boys) working the magic behind the scenes, Zemmy Momoh fans are in for a treat.”

“Hold on! Stop the presses! Check out Zemmy, wow! what a voice. And she is unsigned. Zemmy Momoh hails from the old home town of London. Not sure which end of it, guessing maybe the east end. (The best end). Then I come to find out that Zemmy is a 24 year old originally from Nigeria but based in London for the last thirteen years. Zemmy is a singer songwriter who says she has been influenced by Paula Cole, Dido, Imogen Heap, KT Tunstall, Jem, Sia, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Aqualung, Alicia Keys, Regina Spektor, among others. Well I for one can certainly see her up in that company in the near future. Check out her appearance on The Station Sessions - Zemmy : Session 4 - Season 2. Which appears to be some kind of TV series made in St Pancras Station, now that's a huge station to be singing in. Now tell me, why is she still unsigned? Must be a bunch of cloth eared record producers out there.”

“Film placement - Song: 'Everything's Okay' - Film: 'The Girl In the Mirror' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1701176/soundtrack // TV placement - Song: 'Limbo' - Television show on American network CBS ”


“United Kingdom’s Indie artist Zemmy is refreshing to the ears with her amazing vocals, catchy hooks, and indie pop sensational sound.”

“Silk laden vocals over soft music create the wonderful sound that is Zemmy. She has the ethereal ambiance reminiscent of Dido or Sade. Love the colorful pictures she’s painting with her music. Zemmy is an artist who gives her listeners real music, something that is lacking in today's music business.”

“Zemmy has a hypnotising voice...”

“Zemmy writes beautiful pop/soul songs, adorned with her dreamlike voice.”

“Tugging on a million heartstrings, Zemmy‘s vocal technique is nothing short of moving as her gentle yet passionate vocals come through on her ethereal new single, “Brittle Pieces”.”

“This girl has some voice. It's fricking gorgeous... it made all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck... this song is just beautiful.”

“Brittle Pieces played on Gary Crowley's BBC London show”