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Wayne Sanelli / Press

“http://www.reverbnation.com/robertallen Robert Allen Outstanding Vocals, Music & Performance. Keep Making Music.!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- I stood outside.. plugged in the mike and belted out a tune .. felt good!! And your comment is appealing.”

Robert Allen - Robert Allen

“Cyro Bittencourt http://www.reverbnation.com/cyrobittencourt Beautiful music here ! A pleasure to hear ! Congratulations on your beautiful work and Good weekend ! Cyro Bittencourt ------------------------------------------------------- Wonderfully stated. Appreciated!!”

Cyro Bittencourt - Cyro Bittencourt

“Awesome pieces of rock 'n roll you've got here! 'Zero Zero Zero' is going into my favorites! Keep doing your thing and check out my tunes, too! http://www.reverbnation.com/spencerjoyce ----------------------------------------------------- This song has made an impact where ever it was heard. Sort of fun, sad song about a person that realizes sometimes it's more peaceful to Job the Canyon with a Can-evil than be stuck in a manipulative relationship. But it has positive aspects to.”

spencerjoyce - spencerjoyce

“Identity (8 months ago) Wishing you success and more success Great fabulous songs to prove it right here especially 'Love Is Bright'!!!!! U will be always on my listening list. Much love and peace ~ Fefe http://www.reverbnation.com/identityfelicia ------------------------------------------------------- I adore your comments and your wonderful friendship/talent. Song has been re posted. Came from a collaboration mainly.”

Identity (8 months ago) - Identity (8 months ago)

“Kim Guthrie (4 months ago) "only one door", really great listen this morning, music is tight, vocals are cool, enjoyed your tracks. http://www.reverbnation.com/kimguthrieonitunes --------------------------------------------------------- This song was done years ago, shelved and I returned to it years later to make it HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless You!!! Been played on internet radio as well.”

Kim Guthrie (4 months ago) - Kim Guthrie (4 months ago)

“Patty Benson (4 months ago) Mr. Sanelli you have more talent than what you have yet to know what to do with. What is next for you ? http://www.reverbnation.com/pattybenson ---------------------------------------------------------- Such a comment reminds me that G-D gets the credit if there is any to give back. And of course wonderful people such as this commenter!!! Patty Rocks!!”

Patty Benson (4 months ago) - Patty Benson (4 months ago)

“XAK (30 days ago) Hi Wayne, ThanX For Becoming A Fan! Had a chance to listen through all of your tunes. I am just curious & maybe it's just me but I hear a lot of Alice Cooper in your vocals. Are you influenced by him in any way? ---------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (26 days ago) Heard of him and heard some songs growing up as they were played around fair grounds but never was a fan. I get compared to people like David Bowie, John Lennon & Neil Young mostly. Thanks.” — XAK (30 days ago), XAK (30 days ago)”

XAK (30 days ago) Hi Wayne, - XAK (30 days ago) Hi Wayne,

“Identity (7 months ago) ??Brightening my Sunday with a wonderful experience of your amazing tunes !! ??Incredible!!! ??Excellent tracks delivered with style and fantastic creative production. ??Heyyy its a real blessing to be surrounded by an awesome "? - YOU" providing an atmosphere of vibrating brilliant music all around ?. Much success on Reverb and beyond.?? Until we meet again, keep shining BRIGHT!!!! Love N Peace ~ Fefe http://www.reverbnation.com/identityfelicia” — Identity (7 months ago), Identity (7 months ago) ----------------------------------------------------- Bless you and I am very thankful for your dedication and complements. You are extremely special and brilliant. You have a great gift and we are blessed to be able to access/share your gift. Wayne Sanelli”

Identity (7 months ago) - Identity (7 months ago)

“Anonymus1 BlackStar (7 months ago) Every great move you make and every person you touch is a blessing. Keep up the great gift that was giving to you from birth and let no one try to steer you towards the wrong path. All the best to you in everything you do. Cheers!! http://www.facebook.com/mikekwao http://www.reverbnation.com/mikekwao” — Anonymus1 BlackStar (7 months ago), Anonymus1 BlackStar (7 months a”

Anonymus1 BlackStar (7 months ago) - Anonymus1 BlackStar (7 months ago)

“Ryo Utasato (7 months ago) Dear Wayne, Hello, amazing talented friend, Great guitar sound, great vocals, impressive! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful universe* Peace & Love* Ryo, http://www.reverbnation.com/ryoutasato” — Ryo Utasato (7 months ago), Ryo Utasato (7 months ago)”

Ryo Utasato (7 months ago) - Ryo Utasato (7 months ago)

“ArtWhimsically Yours Studio (7 months ago) I am listening to Zero, Zero, Zero, but it rates a Ten, Ten, Ten, Love the rasp and the rage in this one. the instrumental arrangement is superb, and the maniacal laugh is great. I hate that endless texting too. Nicely done. http://www.reverbnation.com/artwhimsicallyyoursstudio” — ArtWhimsically Yours Studio (7 months ago), ArtWhimsically Yours Studio (7 months ago)”

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio (7 months ago) - ArtWhimsically Yours Studio (7 months ago)

“SAVED. (about 1 year ago) definitely some nice songs here http://www.reverbnation.com/d%20saved5 ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you. Had lots more here one. You will find my music around. Cover's probably not. But I do have a lot of songs around. Enjoy!!!” — .SAVED. (about 1 year ago), .SAVED. (about 1 year ago)”

SAVED. (about 1 year ago) - SAVED. (about 1 year ago)

“KC Daleigh (2 days ago) Great songwriting craftsmanship. CAN YOU HEAR ME RAY and NO FREE RIDES are both great songs. --------------------------------------------------------- Thank you KC Daleigh” — KC Daleigh (2 days ago) 2015, KC Daleigh (2 days ago) 2015”

KC Daleigh (2 days ago) - KC Daleigh (2 days ago)

“Fernando Garcin (3 days ago) Great set of songs! Love your sound & songwriting. Fresh blood & bone is an excellent so well performed track, awesome delivery! Thank you for connectin' - wish you all the best” — Fernando Garcin (3 days ago), Fernando Garcin (3 days ago)”

Fernando Garcin (3 days ago) - Fernando Garcin (3 days ago)

“Leila Licks (4 days ago) Thank you very much for spreading your energy and your truth! Take care ----------------------------------------------------------Energy is good when you can render some. Truth is perhaps different to various people. In G-D's eyes the truth will set you free and people like to make their own truths. Love is the 7th wave.” — Leila Licks (4 days ago), Leila Licks (4 days ago)”

Leila Licks (4 days ago) - Leila Licks (4 days ago)

“Bunny DeBarge (7 days ago) Great songwriting!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (6 days ago) What a cute name BUNNY! I do like you music and how you sing your dedicated songs.. Wonderful. Bless you. Wayne” — Bunny DeBarge (7 days ago), Bunny DeBarge (7 days ago)”

Bunny DeBarge (7 days ago) - Bunny DeBarge (7 days ago)

“Brian Haley (20 days ago) Great, innovative sound, Wayne. Love your genre-bending tunes. I think you should add Frank Zappa to your 'influences' - and I mean that in a good way! ---------------------------------------------------------- Quite Franky when the amp gets plugged in with the guitar I can something feel the energy as I zap away!!” — Brian Haley (20 days ago), Brian Haley (20 days ago)”

Brian Haley (20 days ago) - Brian Haley (20 days ago)

“KeeLime (23 days ago) A real chameleon... brilliant stuff brother. Cheers to Canadian music and artists --------------------------------------------------------- Bird Dog.. Hot Dog.. California Sun and some surf tunes..” — KeeLime (23 days ago), KeeLime (23 days ago)”

KeeLime (23 days ago) - KeeLime (23 days ago)

“XAK (30 days ago) Hi Wayne, ThanX For Becoming A Fan! Had a chance to listen through all of your tunes. I am just curious & maybe it's just me but I hear a lot of Alice Cooper in your vocals. Are you influenced by him in any way? ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (26 days ago) Heard of him and heard some songs growing up as they were played around fair grounds but never was a fan. I get compared to people like David Bowie, John Lennon & Neil Young mostly. Thanks.” — XAK (30 days ago), XAK (30 days ago)”

XAK (30 days ago) - XAK (30 days ago)

“greeneye656 (about 1 month ago) Cool versatility in music. I do hear a bit of David Bowie in your style. NICE!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (about 1 month ago) I love Bowie and am/was a fan. Did buy a few 45's growing up and LP's China Girl, Lets Dance and even his latest tune "Where are we going" is very impressive. And of course Gold Years. Promote Bowie. An amazing artist. Think I love Bono (u2) also vocal wise) & Tom Jones” — greeneye656 (about 1 month ago), greeneye656 (about 1 month ago)”

greeneye656 (about 1 month ago) - greeneye656 (about 1 month ago)

“Serge Grimalsky (about 1 month ago) It's a pleasure to get acquainted with your music. I wish you continuous inspiration and success! Serge Grimalsky. ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (about 1 month ago) Serge Thanks for dropping by. Appreciated.” — Serge Grimalsky (about 1 month ago), Serge Grimalsky (about 1 month ago)”

Serge Grimalsky - Serge Grimalsky

“Heleana Maria: Hi Wayne, Good message in this song Attitude of Gratitude!. Good music and words. i think this one needs to definitely be heard throughout the world! Good work for God and His people. You might want to shorten it some and smooth some of it but otherwise good song! God bless, Heleana Maria Comment on Friday, November 05, 2010 at 06:14 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- Somebody once told me he would like to play that song at a party.. it turned out well and different and I sincerely thank you for the uplifting, encouraging message Heleana” — Heleana Maria, Press”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“T*Merk: Excellent Music!!! You've definitely made a fan in me! Comment on Thursday, November 04, 2010 at 11:27 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- Saying that means a lot friend. May you be blessed. Thanks you!!” — T*Merk, Press”

T*Merk - T*Merk

“Guerrilla X: KEEP REVOLUTIONIZING MINDZ IN ALL YOU DO AND NEVER LET YOUR ENEMIEZ SEE YOU SWEAT, FOR YOUR GREATNESS WILL SILENCE THEM ALL... ONE LOVE, GUERRILLA X www.reverbnation.com/guerrillax www.myspace.com/guerrillax Comment on Thursday, November 04, 2010 at 08:47 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- I hate pride but like encouragement and you comment is interesting and has character. Bless you friend.” — Guerrilla X, Press”

Guerrilla X: - Guerrilla X:

“Arabella Gordon: Totally fresh!! Wild stories! Great mixes, too. Won’t waste time clicking play on this one! PS Thnx soo much for your comments on my page. I…almost cried. Really! I’ll be back to hear every track! Comment on Tuesday, November 02, 2010 at 03:06 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- Sorry I miss you Arabella. Wonderful name as you are too. Wayne” — Arabella Gordon, Press”

Arabella Gordon: - Arabella Gordon:

“Adam Kaul: This guy is unique and very original, nothing boring happening on this playlist, see for yourself! Comment on Monday, November 01, 2010 at 11:28 AM ----------------------------------------------------------Press play and spin a track and enjoy. Very simple. Bless you too.” — Adam Kaul, Press”

Adam Kaul - Adam Kaul

“ToneKats: Great showcase site - Obviously you have talent on many instruments and you show nice songwriting skill and originality. Comment on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 04:50 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- When I read comments like this it makes me realize what special friend I have including special fans. It's puts a smile on my face and enlightens me. Bless you friend.” — ToneKats, Press”

ToneKats: - ToneKats:

“Sue Trickey: Greetings Wayne, Thanks again for listening and for your kind comments! How wonderful to see you at NO1 here, I know how much that must mean to you...You deserve it after all your hard work. Peace and blessings to you. Sue Comment on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 07:08 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- I've reached number one here and on other profiles and sites as well. Came in the top ten in some other places. Thanks Sue my special friend. Seeing you reach number one and having your wonderful character/music here is special countless people here.. Bless you Sue.” — Sue Trickey, Press”

Sue Trickey - Sue Trickey

“triAngle writers: Great songs Wayne..."High Speed Chase" is a fantastic track Comment on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 03:14 PM triAngle writers triAngle writers: Hi Wayne!...thanks so much for taking the time to check out my music...I love your songs.."High Speed Chase" has a particularly fresh and soulful aproach Comment on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 03:12 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for noticing. That song was about partying when one is young and about the chase.. when one is young and learning the dating game/romance.” — triAngle writers, Press”

triAngle writers - triAngle writers

“DestinationDawn: Hi Wayne!!!Enjoying "Love Will Unfold" Love the melodious guitarwork and vocals harmonies. Great music!!!!Great feel!!! Big Love Always!!!! Comment on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 01:18 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- You another example of a unique, fantastic artist that does so well.. your truly amazing and I send love and blessings you way. Wayne” — Press, DestinationDawn”

DestinationDawn - DestinationDawn

“Coccinella: Dear Wayne, your music is something I can rely on, too. Fascinating guitar in picture and in sound :). Love the variety of arrangements in your work. Good luck, and thank you, C. Comment on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 07:05 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- That comment mean a lot. Bless you.” — Coccinella, Press”

Coccinella: - Coccinella:

“Brittanyr11: RACHELLE ANN RECOMMENDED YOU AND SAID TO CHECK YOU OUT. I AM A FAN. NICE MUSIC . GOD BLESS Comment on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 03:02 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.. appreciate that!! Wayne” — Brittanyr11, Press”

Brittanyr11: RACHELLE ANN - Brittanyr11: RACHELLE ANN

“Vintage: LOVE DON'T TELL ME IM WRONG ...... AWESOME TUNE .....I HEAR SOME JOHN LENNON IN THAT ONE GREAT SOUND.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK....v Comment on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 08:11 PM ----------------------------------------------------------Interesting feed-back. Wonderful. Wayne” — Vintage, Press”

Vintage - Vintage

“DELWYN BROOKS - Audio Engineer / Mixer: WELL DONE. DIFFERENT. db Comment on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 11:04 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- I am overwhelmed by the encouraging comment. Thank you sir.” — DELWYN BROOKS - Audio Engineer, Press”


“DOCTARYN: Really feel blessed for the friendship! Your songs are so original and diverse! I enjoyed them all! Keep em coming as they say and thanks so very much for giving me a listen! Taryn Comment on Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 10:47 PM ----------------------------------------------------------I blessed to have you as well .. Thank you.” — DOCTARYN, Press”


“Oldies with Ursula: Dear Wayne! Thanx for support! Great ROCK! Love your "Sorrow"...Much Success! Urs Comment on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 03:41 PM Oldies with Ursula Oldies with Ursula: Dear Wayne! Thanx for support! Great ROCK! Love your "Sorrow"...Much Success! Urs Comment on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 03:41 PM ----------------------------------------------------------I think this song came out well. But the words are deep and I was trying to write a strong song including lyric wise. Sort of like my What the hell which was so admired prior to this one.” — Oldies with Ursula, Press”

Oldies with Ursula: - Oldies with Ursula:

“Tracey Marie Music: Hi Wayne thank you so so much for your wonderful comment that really means so much coming from someone with your wonderful songs, Zero is fantastic and such a good variety of styles. its so hard to be so diverse. keep in touch. Tracey Comment on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 12:41 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- I never forgot YOU. Thank you for the dedication and friendship. You are a great talent.” — Tracey Marie Music:, Press”

Tracey Marie Music: - Tracey Marie Music:

“StankBot Tyranny: all the way to Number #########111111111!!!!!!!!!! Comment on Monday, November 08, 2010 at 08:04 AM ---------------------------------------------------------- And after you WROTE THIS. That's what happened. Many thanks and blessings your way.” — StankBot Tyranny, Press”

StankBot Tyranny - StankBot Tyranny

“Fifty Stakes: Fifty Stakes: LIFE IS NOT EASY BUT IT'S A GIFT LIFE IS SIMPLY BUT PEOPLE MAKES IT COMPLICATED IT'S HARDER TO TELL THE TRUTH THAN IT IS TO LIE BUT LIES ARE ONLY TEMPORARY THEY WILL JUST FADE AWAY STAY UP STAY STRONG KEEP ON KEEPING ON AND MAY JAH BLESS YOU ON THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIVE JAH SEE NO ONE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER ALL SHALL BE SAVED BY THE GRACE OF CHRIST FIFTY STAKES BLESSING YOUR PAGE THANKS FOR STOPPING BYE AND SHOWING SUPPORT! Comment on Wednesday, November 03, 2010 at 08:07 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- This was a unique comment put very well into words. Life without the most high is NONE EXISTENT. We are not perfect but can be perfected with the unconditional love of the most high.” — Fifty Stakes, Press”

— Fifty Stakes, Press - — Fifty Stakes, Press

“triAngle writers: Fantastic work!....great sounds....love the songs...particularly "Sarah" Comment on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 03:01 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- Someone else one said the same thing and said "You must really have loved Sara.. who was she.. I still love Sara..” — triAngle writers, Pess”

triAngle writers - triAngle writers

“Dying Seed: You hold the purest unusual power! Greater than I've seen in a LONG TIME. Keep feeling' it YOUR way because anything else would be far less. May 30 " — Dying Seed ” ---------------------------------------------------------- Interesting comment.. laid out in a most interesting manner. Feeling it is one thing, and doing it with heart & soul combined with the right mix may render forth something different and lasting.” — Dying Seed, Press”

Dying Seed: - Dying Seed:

“Mode Purple: Well Wayne, I've just spent the afternoon listening to your entire set of songs. Absolutely enjoyed them, you are so talented. You show great Creativity, Musicianship,and Songwriting ability as well as your unique vocal style which I love. There are some real gems here, many are further down the list than the front page so I urge others to really explore your work. It's hard to pick favourites, but I would include "Brimstone and Fire", "Guiding Light" and "Can You Hear Me Ray". It's easy to see what you've been busy doing, you clearly take a lot of care with your work.Finally thanks for the support you have given me and many others. - Brian. " Comment on Monday, August 02, 2010 at 02:18 PM — " Mode Purple: ” ---------------------------------------------------------- At one point way back when/in the day there were some 35/more songs posted on the profile. Glad you could take the time to take them in and notice such. Thank you Brian.” — Mode Purple, Press”

— Mode Purple, Press - — Mode Purple, Press

“i have to say, your music has a fantastic energy to it, i love how you have just let go on your vocals and your guitar, the double tracking and jumpy falsetto work very well, especially in unconditional love, i would love to play that at a party or something, just go nuts. the reason your voice works well, is because its quite "folksy" and your music has a kind of "contemporary folk" feel to it, its effective because you have been very original yet simplistic, you have not tried to be pretentious which is great to hear. you have some great songs and ideas here, i would love to hear you make some more real party songs, or giggs or something, maybe throw in some really fast tempo changes like you hear in irish folk or something wild it would sound great and make people want to party im sure. then finish those songs off with something like "relax" to chill out to after the crazy party. haha keep it up, tell me when you make any more music regards Thorn Pearson” — Thom Pearson, Press ”

Thom Pearson, - Thom Pearson,

“Anna Johnson: Cool music! Fun to listen to while I sit here at Starbucks and get some work done. Ahhhh... :) Comment on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 07:24 PM ” Anna Johnson ---------------------------------------------------------- If Anne Johnson could listen to Wayne Sanelli from Star Buck while having some Coffee that's a plus in Wayne's book. Thank you Anne.” — Anna Johnson, Press”

Anna Johnson: - Anna Johnson:

“Wow... what happened to your old page? Well, glad you're back. "Don't Rush My Brain"... killer song, happy to say again! Will stick around here! Tom Hedrick ---------------------------------------------------------- I closed or retired the profile prior but have restored it Tom. Busy and I've had music around in too many places that it became a burden to manage them. In any regard I do appreciate your taking a liking to that tune. Perhaps in the future it will be reposted. It came off the set list for a while. Here is another example of a feed-back on that tune.. Bernie Landry Very unique sound excellent performance on "Don't rush my brain" All the best Wayne : B-)” — Tom Hedrick, Press”

Tom Hedrick - Tom Hedrick

“Electric Angel (4 days ago) Me likey, your beautiful inside. Every woman would love to have her man write a song like this about her. Right on. Wishing you success. ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (3 days ago) Electric Angel - Such a lovely comment and a wonderful insight. May you be blessed. * Seek love of the lord and you will find. * Seek the fruits of the spirit. Bless you.” — Electric Angel (4 days ago), Press”

Electric Angel (4 days ago) - Electric Angel (4 days ago)

“Nia Covington (8 days ago) Beautiful Inside is beautiful! Continued success! Nia ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (4 days ago) Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (3 days ago) You have a great GIFT. You sing well, have a beautiful voice.And you sing interesting songs.. I note some of the original artists of which you sing their songs. Some of these artists did gave the song a strong vocal presence while maintaining the soft touch of the voice. Perhaps that is something that you may find helps you. Bless you..” — Nia Covington (8 days ago), Press”

Nia Covington (8 days ago) - Nia Covington (8 days ago)

“Aira Winterland (21 days ago) Thanks. Many beautiful songs you have here! Peace to the world! Aira ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (18 days ago) "Many beautiful songs" - There is never enough. Always wish I could do better. Thank you for the lovely comment.” — Aira Winterland (21 days ago), Press”

Aira Winterland (21 days ago) - Aira Winterland (21 days ago)

“Rocket Robert (28 days ago) Hey Wayne, I stopped by to compliment you on your unique & original music talent & production especially on "No Free Rides" Let the creativity continue to flow & have an awesome day! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) Thanks a lot. Had a set back on creativity. Life's obstacles. But I appreciate that and hope I can again be fruitful and deliver. I do have a big set list of songs around. Please have a listen to some others when you can.” — Rocket Robert (28 days ago), Press”

Rocket Robert (28 days ago) - Rocket Robert (28 days ago)

“Rufaro (28 days ago) I'm Hoping to gain artists like you,as fans of mine. We all share the same ingredients: A-G#,come sample my recipe. Bring a bib;)Also witness an endangered species...a Brotha that RocKs ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) Rufaro - Thanks. believe in yourself and work hard, learn more about music and grow. In time you will find your own space/persona. Bless you.” — Rufaro (28 days ago), Press”

Rufaro (28 days ago) - Rufaro (28 days ago)

“Kevin Kerr (29 days ago) Love your diverse sound. Everything I have heard so far is Outstanding. Easy to become a fan. Thanks for your support too. Best of luck. ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) I have heard so far is Outstanding. Easy to become a fan. That's wonderfully said. Thanks you.” — Kevin Kerr (29 days ago), Press”

— Kevin Kerr (29 days ago), Press - — Kevin Kerr (29 days ago), Press

“MaryJustice Lucas (29 days ago) Great variety of music and sounds. Playing "Can You Hear Me Ray" ... very talented! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) Appreciate you comment. Thanks.” — MaryJustice Lucas (29 days ago), Press”

MaryJustice Lucas (29 days ago) - MaryJustice Lucas (29 days ago)

“Identity (30 days ago) There's so much good music here that “Everything Is AWESOME!!!!! - Fefe ❤ ---------------------------------------------------------- I think that of you Identity” — Identity (30 days ago), Press”

Identity (30 days ago) - Identity (30 days ago)

“Rocket Robert (about 1 month ago) Hello from Oregon, I stopped by to enjoy your song "Everything Goes"" amazing talent here! I look forward to hearing more of your songs! Keep the energy & creative flow going! Have an excellent day! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) Rocket Robert - Thanks. Please listen MORE. Enjoy. BioLogik *Official (about 1 month ago) Everything Goes is great man that Harmonica is siiick!! Nice work!! Keep it up! And thank you for the support much appreciated! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (23 days ago) Spent years trying to learn to play it. Thanks for listening. ---------------------------------------------------------- A song about life in general. Please don't text & drive folks... May you be blessed!!” — Everything Goes, Everything Goes Recent Blogs 2015 Jan 2, 2015 May your 2015 be prosperous and thanks for listening and your fan-ship/friendship”

Rocket Robert (about 1 month ago) - Rocket Robert (about 1 month ago)

“Extreme Dream (about 1 month ago) thank you for your support. it is much appreciated. a unique vocal here, with good music. listening to all tracks today. a few of my picks: No Free Rides, Can You Hear Me Ray and Our Light Shines. Tony ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (about 1 month ago) Hi Tony I hear your music before and I am impressed. Thanks for listening. You choose three others have chosen in the past too. Good choices.” — Extreme Dream (about 1 month ago), Press”

— Extreme Dream (about 1 month ago) - — Extreme Dream (about 1 month ago)

“egon erger (about 1 month ago) enjoyed "everything goes" and "unconditional love". very well done. best wishes and success, egon erger ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (about 1 month ago) Bless you and thanks for listening. Appreciated.” — egon erger (about 1 month ago), Press”

egon erger (about 1 month ago) - egon erger (about 1 month ago)

“Bonnie McGill (about 1 month ago) WOW !!! Great songs here Wayne... You are a wonderful talented artist... ---------------------------------------------------------- Get the coffee brewing at the Bonnie Cafe and lets them speakers rip Bonnie!!” — Bonnie McGill (about 1 month ago), Press”

Bonnie McGill (about 1 month ago) - Bonnie McGill (about 1 month ago)

“motherlode (about 1 month ago) Incredible music here!! Wow!! What a pleasure !! Be back again and often!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Sanelli (18 days ago) Are you going to bring the motherlode. Man that's the rub. The motherlode. Very cool name. Appreciate you coming by. Wayne” — motherlode (about 1 month ago), Press”

motherlode (about 1 month ago) - motherlode (about 1 month ago)

“Fernando Garcin Great set of songs! Love your sound & songwriting. Fresh blood & bone is an excellent so well performed track, awesome delivery! Thank you for connectin' - wish you all the best”

Fernando Garcin - Fernando Garcin

"no free rides" is a funky rock piece!!! great Alice Cooper meets John Lennon vocals... cool guitar... kinda avant-garde... ala zappa... well done!!! your new fan, da boi der...

The Magneto Flobe - The Magneto Flobe

“SpEnt fiXer Awesome material, man. Really loved "October." Great musicianship! Cool vocal! :)”

SpEnt fiXer - SpEnt fiXer