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“An album, so colorful and varied as the dark side of life. That is what the Norwegians from Vulture Industries on their debut have created. "The Dystopia Journals" is briefly summarized, a progressive masterpiece of Nordic music”

“All eight songs are of a very high level and much is happening during the song, keeping the music interesting all the way. There is actually so much happening that once the album is over you immediately want to hear it all over again.”

“Yes, "The dystopia journals" is a highly addicting album and the best thing is that with every new listen you'll discover new things.”

“Untill now "The dystopia journals" is for me personally thé best album from 2007 and some miracles must take place if any other band will come up with a better album this year.”

“Großartiger Black Metal trifft auf düsteren Industrial Sound.”

“Disharmonien und Melodien erzeugt durch das kongeniale Gitarrenspiel, eine unberechenbare Rhythmus-/Percussionsektion, herrlich schräge Keyboards und urplötzlich auftauchendes Pianospiel, Flöten, Geigen und Cello überraschen und reißen den Hörer mit.”

“the music also astonishes again and again with its wide array of moods: folk, symphonic, gloom, aggression, hymns and a tendency for drama are just a few facets of this band.”

“I was amazed from the first to the last moment, and we can only hope that this band will continue releasing such fantastic music.”

“Nothing is allowed to compromise the drive of this album or the integrity of its well-crafted songs.”

“The Dystopia Journals provides a unique, captivating listening experience. Complex, cerebral, ass-kicking, and occasionally bloodcurdling, this is one of the strongest releases of 2007. Outstanding. ”

“Wow. Selten hat mich ein Debüt gleich nach der ersten Minute so umgehauen...Das ist ein Kunststück, an dem bereits viele andere Bands gescheitert sind. ”

“it is unconventional and forward thinking, heavily influenced by the Progressive Metal scene that is currently thriving in Norway, blending some Black Metal elements, mainly their melodies, with symphonic, electronic and theatrical elements”

“I hope this was enough to convince you to check these guys out, because this is one of the best releases of 2007. ”