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Vestibule / Press

“'40 artists to watch in 2014'”

“...Throughout the course of this records duration I can’t deny the strong musicianship, really good song writing & I’d say without a doubt that if this band gets the right push & promotion they could be huge based on what I hear on this cd!”

“Sweet Surrender and The Longing are two more songs that showcase Vestibule’s particular brand of complex, hard-alternative style music that brings to mind bands such as Incubus and Stabbing Westward. It may be alternative, but simple three-chord rock this ain’t. Gundlach, DeRose, as well as bass player Cody McCorry and drummer Greg Harvilla are skilled musicians who weave intricate chord structures and arrangements to create a sound painting, if you will. Similar to a viewer studying a painting in a gallery and finding something previously unseen, the listener will find that the songs on Through The Surface grow and evolve each time they are heard.”

“Vestibule is a band that defies easy description. They started out with a background in jazz, but punk worked its way into the mix, and over time it has morphed into a progressive punk jazz mix that is at once both innovative and musically challenging, yet accessible at the same time.”

“On the up and coming scene is a band called Vestibule. Hailing from New Jersey, these guys specialize in the unique fusion of various styles of music. With influences in Latin, Punk, and other genres, this group shows a lot of potential for their future as musicians. Their debut album, Through The Surface, featured an early 90's indie-grungy-type of sound. Because of their multiple influences, the sonic profile is constantly changing and leading the listener on a musical journey of their imagination...”

“I recently sat down to chat with Hector Gundlach, guitarist and vocalist from the New Jersey-based act Vestibule, about their latest effort Through The Surface which was released a few months back as a name your own price download. I was curious what type of gear Gundlach used to achieve his unique alternative rock sound and he was more than happy to oblige. Here is what he had to say.”

“One of the latest alternative rock bands to come out of New Jersey, Vestibule has begun to capture a worldwide audience with their recently released debut album, titled “through_the_surface”. Combining a masterful selection of influences from such artists as Sublime and Radiohead, as well as their own personal style, “through_the_surface” has proven to be a dynamically powerful album to introduce the band to fans of the alternative rock scene.”

“For a taste of this band grab a free download of "Chemical Reaction" at ReverbNation; the song is probably the album's most radio-friendly cut but it is not the strongest, that honor would go to "Astray," a punk rock gem with lots of stinging guitar licks, a dreamy break and lyrics that urge the listener to "release your mind." Some of the cuts here, like "The Longing," show a jazz influence and true to album title Through the Surface the listener will discover with repeated plays that these songs are more sophisticated in construct than the first blast of guitar indicates.”

“Overall this album is very unique. They give up several different flavors of songs. Within those tracks they also change stuff up. This might be one of the most diverse albums I have ever heard. The music is great and they can definitely write and they do it well.... With that being said, I am glad to have heard these guys and they leave you want(ing) to see the next chapter. I feel that these guys are special musically”

“Hailing from New Jersey, Vestibule began their career in 2008. Inspired with such bands as Sublime, the Foo Fighters, Radiohead, and Incubus. Their first album was released December of 2011. Consisting of songs that included everything from alternative to punk with a taste of jazz and metal; this mix offers only the best to the fans.”

“From the Jersey Shore comes a new progressive rock band, Vestibule with their debut album, “Through The Surface.” The album was originally released in December of 2011, but is gaining a new life through New Ocean Media. The album starts off with the band plugging-in for “Astray” as they add an edgier, punk sound to their prog-rock roots. The songs, “Sweet Surrender” and “The Longing” add jazzy drumming, up-beat bass lines to expand the album’s overall sound. The band’s edgier sound returns in “September Skies,” before slowing down for the mellow rock of “Lucid Dreams.” While most of the album’s songs fall well short of the five-minute mark, their true progressive side comes out on the almost six-minute, “Through The Surface” as the band’s sound truly comes alive. The album closes with the hard-rocking “Forget The Hour” as Vestibule leave their mark on your eardrums.”

“‘Through The Surface’ showcases the band’s natural talent for poetic lyricism, appealing hooks, fluid compositions with wonderful arrangements. Vestibule's sound is completely unique, accessible, while maintaining an innovative approach, however it’s easy to see influences from remarkable contemporary music bands similar to Incubus and ranging back to Led Zeppelin. From an edgy alternative sound to ambient rock, Vestibule's individuality will provide you with an abundance of variation with their songwriting compositions. ”

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