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Underhill Rose / Press

“Take a listen to the music of Eleanor Underhill, Molly Rose, and Salley Williamson, and you will be transported to a sound that has several different ingredients – but at the end of the day, it all comes together to make a dazzling fusion of Country, Bluegrass, Pop, and even a little bit of Tin Pan Blues.”

“Underhill Rose cast a decidedly feminine presence on the Americana scene, which is largely male-oriented. This trio of lovely young women could have sold out to Nashville from their good looks and pretty voices alone, but thankfully they decided to opt for a vintage country sound. More specifically, Underhill Rose is rooted in bluegrass, folk, and blues, linking them with indelible pop hooks and soulful harmonizing.”

“Underhill Rose offer distinct vocals and tight harmonies; the common thread is the dusky depth that the ladies share in their vocals.”

“Many songs are tinted with an almost 60s pop flavor; on several songs I was humming the hook the first time through. This and the fact that the band is made up of three females (Eleanor Underhill, banjo; Molly Rose Reed, guitar; Salley Williamson, upright bass) give Underhill Rose a unique and rich sound full of high harmonies and accessible but inventive melodies .”

“If you get the chance to meet them, you’ll immediately understand why “Something Real” is an apt title for Underhill Rose’s latest album.”

“Today’s bluegrass acts routinely draw from rock, jam, and jazz, but rarely — and by rarely, we mean never — do they draw from R&B. But lo and behold, that’s exactly what Asheville’s Underhill Rose has accomplished.”

“Eleanor Underhill has a killer voice. It's rich and potentially far-reaching, and the combination with Molly Rose's sweet lilt and the twangy vocals of University of Montana graduate Salley Williamson sounds as solid as you'd expect from a band that's been playing together since 2009.”

“...it’s the harmonies that steal the show.”

“[Blends] the base elements of Americana, blue grass, R&B and roots music in a show of impressive harmonies.”

Creative Loafing Atlanta

"You guys were on with us before. Everybody absolutely loved your sound and your talents."

“Good album. Good band.”

“Honeyed harmonies and heartfelt soul spread delicately through the speakers when Asheville, North Carolina’s all-female trio Underhill Rose plugs in their acoustic instruments.”

“Their compositions are heartfelt, sparse and evoke emotive harmonizing like the Trio album by Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton. Their musicianship can't be overlooked considering how their song craft and harmonizing create sheer beauty.”

“One of the most promising rootsy women artists in the Americana scene.”

“These North Carolina ladies are able to bring out pleasure, both with their great sense of melody and also with delicate phrasing that employs more restraint than power...This one surprised me and I am glad I let each of the songs pull me further into their world...”

“If you appreciate a banjo, guitar and upright bass, and love rootsy yet contemporary ballads, check them out.”

“Upon hearing Underhill Rose for the first time there is an immediate soothing quality that is easy on the ears with lyrics that strike a chord in anyones soul.”

Jacksonville Music Examiner

“...a somewhat sassy, occasionally touching, always toe-tapping musical experience that is guaranteed to make you believe again in the integrity of country music.”

“Listen close. Underhill Rose sound like a dress and lipstick-wearing, homespun Southern Simon & Garfunkel.”

“Dusty country soul with gorgeous vocal arrangements...filled with acoustic strings and pastoral melodies.”

Asheville Citizen-Times

“Underhill Rose seems poised to make an even bigger splash in Americana circles than it already has.”

“Their sweet and sultry vocals have evolved over the years and even more so with their latest effort.”

Lauren Larocca - The Frederick News-Post

“It's Underhill and Reed's vocal blend that sets the group apart from the pack.”

Jessica Fischer - Kingsport Times-News

“I was really excited when I found this group because I love the vocals, love the sentiment of the whole album...I think they're brilliant.”

Marie Crichton - BBC Radio

“From Underhill’s piercing highs to Molly’s sultry lows, their songs are both soothing and invigorating, like the synchronicity of Sirens from abroad.”

Mary Snow - The Mountain Xpress

“I've never heard anybody harmonize like that. Just beautiful stuff.”

“Trademark sweet mountain soul, and vocal blend to die for.”

“This harmony-driven folk trio..kept the mountain spirit alive and captured everyone’s attention.”

"The group [has a] strong stage presence coupled with engaging and friendly personalities...the silent areas between the notes they played with fine polish made their chords stand out...Their blended voices created a most alluring sound from which I could not turn away; a sound that I did not want to end. Throw in the stories that their song lyrics told and you have a duo that I believe are destined for some very good things.

“Their country-soul songs and heartfelt enthusiasm are magnetic, and their vocal harmonies lead most to think they’re sisters.”

The Laurel of Asheville

“This is not my usual style of music however, they did a tremendous set...what voices!”

“So lovely and beautiful. [They] blend so well, it's just really soothing to listen to.”

"Featuring the honeyed harmonies of Eleanor Underhill and Molly Rose Reed, Underhill Rose sprang phoenix like from the ashes of another group, the Barrel House Mamas. Because of the effortlessly smooth ways in which their voices blend, the ladies are sometimes mistaken for sisters; while they might not be related, they are kindred spirits, two women bonding over their mutual affection for folk and bluegrass."

"Reed and Underhill write their music together, and possess a pure, R&B-influenced vocal sound that makes the group stand out."

“Their sound, described as “heartfelt country-soul”, has a foundation of Appalachian bluegrass and folk music overlaid with the harmonies of R&B. The song writing skills of both Molly and Eleanor are those of someone who can touch the core of your soul, speaking to emotions. It all comes together in a mixture that speaks loud but is soothing upon the delivery.”

Jeremiah Greer - Magazine33

“We shared the stage with Underhill Rose who played an amazing set, what talent! They’re another group I would love to play with again sometime.”

“Underhill Rose has no doubt developed a sound stage presence, their sultry voices coupled with guitar and banjo resulting in unique listening experience.”

“Underhill Rose’s sound features a blend of Americana, rhythm and roots, bluegrass and soul music. The group is named for founding members Eleanor Underhill, lead vocalist, harmonica player and banjo picker, and Molly Rose, guitarist and lead singer, who have become known for their harmonies and multi-genre writing style. Salley Williamson rounds out this trinity as a backing vocalist and upright bass player.”

“...unless you've spent a night listening to them play their signature "heartfelt country soul" live or played their eponymous album at your last barbecue then, as the saying goes, 'You ain't heard nothin' yet!'”