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To Be Hated / Press

“Keeping with my tradition of doing things ass-backwards, we have To Be Hated's second full-length effort, the provocatively titled Bootcamp for Whores. It is a logical stepping stone for the outfit who begat Outsourced and State of Things in the sense that the homemade production is a little shabby in the right way and the execution of the tracks is slightly rawer.”

“Last month we took a look at To Be Hated's State of Things album and I found myself entertaining questions of fleeting youth, upcoming middle age, time machines and what new school vs. old school punk rock means to me. All that is behind me now because To Be Hated has proven itself a prolific monster to be reckoned with..”

“​To Be Hated played a set of deliciously hard, mechanically precise, and maniacally fast punk rock. They flew through a dozen songs and punk styles -- sometimes they sounded like Bad Brains, sometimes like Cocksparrer, sometimes like the Jam and sometimes they sounded like all of them caught up in a massive street brawl. They also played a beefed-up version of Miami punk godfathers Against All Authority's "Walking Revolution" to much of the crowd's delight..”

“I'd love to jump in the old time machine and see how I would've reacted to this band in my teens. I recognize the fact that the aging punker in me still needs a jolt of youthful adrenaline. Truth be told, To Be Hated would've been a band I'd been into then without giving it much thought..”

““[It’s] a social-political commentary on the current state of life in the USA,” Ramos says. “It is meant to be, as stated in the song, a call to action. It is meant to encourage people to open their eyes, turn off the TV, get off the couch and start questioning the world around them.””