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The Pain Fucktory / Press

“THE PAIN FUCKTORY radio, 13rd. edition is up! (First Program of the year 2013) http://www.thepainfucktory.com/radio.htm The current playlist is: 01. DEFACED "Insane Memories" 02. INNERGUILT "Burden Of Guilt" 03. AMPUTORY "Aghori" 04. GAPE "Penis Diddy" 05. REBLEEDING "Womanizer" 06. OBELISK "Abysmal Knights" 07. DISSECTROPHY "Sands Of Time" 08. SADISTIK FOREST "Fabrics Of Lies" 09. INHARMONIC "Ugly" 10. DISTILLERY "Damned To Purgatory" 11. DECAYING "From The Cradle To The Grave" 12. DEATHBREED "Hivemind" 13. GLUTTONY "Coffinborn" 14. SUCCOR "Hippy Waffle Iron" 15. TOTAL VIOLENCE "Acid Rain" 16. TOMB OF DEATH "Sadist" 17. FUMIGATION "Fleshlight Castration" 18. THY FINAL PAIN "Final War" 19. ISLAY "Cragganmore" 20. INDIGESTIBLE SUPPURATION "Unsated Hunger For Condemned Flesh" 21. GOREMORRHA "Total Obliteration" 22. MAAT "Disciple ov Ma´at" 23. CENTIMANI "Serpent´s Coil " 24. SERVI DIABOLI "We Are Hidden" 25. BLACK PATH "Bloodshed" 26. MORTHEM "Kill A Man"25 26. DEAD HARVEST "Disposab”

“We are happy to add a new Radioshow to our official partner´s list, they are THE METAL ROOM from San Salvador. Welcome Brothers!!! We are very proud to work in cooperation with you! THE METAL ROOM Listen the radio here: http://themetalroom.com/”

“PRIMORDIAL CONVICTION is an extreme underground Blackened Death Metal band, hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. They started back in 2009. Themes they use for their music are solitude, dark Anti-Theism, cynicism, fear of death, infernality and Satan... ”

“Welcome a new band to our roster: SOBER TRUTH from Germany. Here is a Metal Band who don’t give a shit about the rules of music. In their cheeky, brilliant, dynamic and innovative approach to contemporary music making, they pillage through the historical boundaries of Metal History.”

“We are proud to announce the addition of one new band to our roster: AMONGS THE DECEIT from Austria. Influenced quite basically by 'all kinds of brutal metal' the quintet established a solid line up early in their existence with the exception of a drummer; the right sticksman to sit behind the kit proving to be elusive until they finally settled on recording skins beater Tom Sic, credited not as a drummer in the band ranks but more ominously as 'blastmachine'.”

“We are proud to announce the addition of two new bands to our roster: FORESHADOW (USA) and VIGOUR (Greece). FORESHADOW, a musical group that blends the core genres of death metal, black metal, old school thrash metal, and a minute level of metal core, to create their own, unique sound, has begun to deliver a plethora of lyrical and melodic genius to the world; foretelling the turn of this generations appreciation of raw music and solid performances. VIGOUR hailing from Greece, they deliver a diverse kind of black metal filled with melodies and punishing fury!”

“NOX ULTIMA is a cruel and raw black metal hailing from Finland. The final damning darkness began in 2010 when the four aliases; A.H, Svetovid, Witch-Doctor and Christmolestor joined forces, united by a shared need for extreme music. The lineup was solidified from the start and a shared vision born of the occult, philosophy, and blackened music soon bore fruit in the form of the first, untitled demo. After a few live performances and some fine-tuning to the sludgy sound the second outing, MIR, was given birth in the summer of 2011.”

“We are proud to announce the addition of one new band to our roster: TYRAEL from Germany. If you call the woods your home, manmade schemes are of little interest. The wide spread incompetence of the press to classify Tyrael's style of music is telling evidence that this sound beast will never submit to the illusion that man calls order...”

“Finland thrash metal band CEASELESS TORMENT have recently signed a Promotion & Management deal with TPF Agency.”

“Welcome a new band to our roster: HATERAIN. Haterain were formed in August 2004 as "Tornado" by Thanassis Plagkas! They are currently promoting their first full lengh album "FIRE AT WILL" which has some good rates from the press with the Greek METAL HAMMERs interview as a suggest of the month (March 2010), being the highlight!! Currently, the band have changed their name to "Haterain", working on some new stuff and performing with some new members with Thanassis Plagkas only remaining from the old line up!!”

“We are delighted to announce a new addition to our roster. Dimorph was found in 2003 by Evgenij (Jeff). During the course of numerous line-up changes the band released the well perceived demo "Slave of Lies"(2006) and the EP "Obscurity" (2008) and established their renown as a furious live act. With the intention to create heavier, darker and faster music Dimorph have recorded the promo-song "The Suffering", displaying the new, now definite cast of the group and is heading ever further into the exploration of their vision of furious death metal. ”

“We are happy to announce to welcome a new band in our roster. ALCHERA from Germany, they are from the Bonn-area and has been in existence since 1996 and already released a few items on their own. ‘Era’ is the official debut of this 6-piece. The album contains 13 songs that can be placed in the melodic death metal shoebox. So, there’s a definite Swedish influence within their sound when it comes to the melodies, which are in the vein of Dissection and Naglfar. In general the overall sound of Alchera is a bit heavier though, so pure death metal.”

“Please let´s give a warm welcome to our newest family member: EPIC DEATH from USA! EPIC DEATH is the brain child of Dennis Dorsett aka The Guitar Vamp and his long search for the throne that will give him reign over the kingdom of darkness. The dark tones of his guitar and his haunting lyrics touch you just like his fangs on the lily white skin of a maiden. Becky Dorsett aka Mistress Demona is just that, the evil mistress of the keys. Her extensive stufy of haunting sounds adds eerie excitement to each of the songs by Epic Death, luring you in to her musical spells. The scion known as Forest Holt aka Ulfr (pronounced Oolf), the spawn of chaos brings forth his bass like the rolling thunder of Mjollnir itself.”

“I'm stoked to announce the signing of an awesome new Finnish Death Black Metal band joining our roster, today we welcome FINAL DAWN to the growing THE PAIN FUCKTORY family! FINAL DAWN is a post apocalyptic battle group operating in Helsinki, Finland. Style of mayhem they're creating is somewhere between thrash, death and musical elements of black metal. With this trio they have so far released 3 promo CD and you can find all the songs and videos from their website. Enjoy before it's too late.”

“As you can see we have been hard at work, we are proud to announce the addition of four new bands to our roster: Moria (http://www.reverbnation.com/moriaband), Homicide Hagridden (http://www.reverbnation.com/homicidehagriddenband), Bleeding Utopia (www.reverbnation.com//bleedingutopia ) and Mourned By Flies (http://www.reverbnation.com/mournedbyflies)!”

"We shot the clip for our brandnew song "Cyber Terror" ast weekend. It will take some timeto cut it, but as long as it is finished, it will look awesome!" "Also we have six songs ready for our next album which will hopefully be recorded in Fall 2011. Three or four more songs to come!"

“Next Live Gigs: 9th of April 2011, Prague - Exit Chmelnice ( www.exitchmelnice.cz )as support for Svarttjern”

“FRAMFERD is now in studio recording their new album! Drumsound is set, recordings started February 23rd! Stay tuned for studio diaries! ”

“We have published an INTERVIEW with this band on our main webpage, please take a look: http://thepainfucktory.com/entrevista_everfailed_ingles.htm”

“We are proud to show you a video we have edited for the song "Amnesia", Enjoy it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0rG4kp__qA”

“EVERFAILED, a talented Progressive Death Metalband from Greece has just joined forces with us. We are very happy to have them onboard and we are looking forward to working with them. Their sound is consisted by lots of influences and that makes it really difficult to tag their music even as "death metal". So let's say that in his first EP you will notice the groove between the guitar and drums, massive riffs, synth melodies, brutal growls and screams and some technical elements too. But there is more than that, so check them out!!! ”

“Visit re-designed LOST WORLD ORDER myspace´s page: http://www.myspace.com/lwothrash”

“Norwegian Black Metallers FRAMFERD are now in studio recording their new album! Drumsound is set, recordings start today! Stay tuned for studio diaries!”