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The Monks of Sex / Press

“Beer music indeed! Really fun sound!”

Maureen Russell

“Roxy just had to come back, and so did we. The Monks of Sex rock the free world with panaché and skill, tune in and check it out. Cheers guys - TPK”


“Piledriver is one of the very best songs on all of Reverb. I can listen to it over and over and it never gets old! ANd I love the vid you did for it!”

“Damn, you guys are great! I like your version of ruby soho better then rancids.. and then you guys bust into some blue grass old time.. that's killer. Glad to have you guys as a friend.”

40 Ways From Sunday: - Reverbnation:

“Hired Gun: If your trying to get people happy and dancing, it's working! Rock on in peace.”

Hired Gun - Reverbnation

“ Really enjoyed listening to your music, especially Angry at Heartbreak,but Banjo Blues got the day off to a good start. Thanks again. Katie ”

Katie - Reverbnation

“Madrina Maria: hello there!! thank u so much for your love and support. it means the world to me! im loving your music... piledriver sounds like a radio hit to me! =) keep it up! i wish u plenty of success!”

Madrina Maria - Reverbnation

“She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix: Incredibly versatile !!! Really lovin "Banjo Blues" very cool !!!and nice Jo playing too !!! awesome vocals and musicianship guys :) Thoroughly enjoyed my listen.. Thanks for your awesome comment..Yeah, it was brave to give Crazy a go..The collab boys gave me the encouragement , and there ya have it..lol..So I appreciate the positive feedback :) Much love and please let me know when you have new songs posted..I'll be here to listen :) Love you guys !! Jen Australia”

Jen Australia - Reverbnation

“Shannon Dee: Thanks for finding me... now I got to find out about you! Angry at a Heartbreak is a great song! I could dance and sing to it all day. Great job, great vocals, too! Oct 14”

Shannon Dee - Reverbnation

“The C...MOnSteRs: sex d' monkz, thanks for enjoying our PUnkAssRockChique. She says "hey". She likes a good "Piledriver" too. cheers, C...Monsters Oct 14”

The C...MOnSteRs: - Reverbnation

“MYRRH-CE: Thanks a mil for the love. Now I'm going to have "angery at a heart break" going round in my head all day :) Peace brother Oct 11”

MYRRH-CE: - Reverbnation

“Roberta De Francia: LOOOOVING YOU...finally some healthy punk and rock...and bluegrass.I'm dancing...Thank you for your friendship”

Roberta De Francia - Reverbnation

“Sarah Chesler: Thanks for stopping by! Listening to your songs makes me wanna dance and play the tamburine! Great energy ^_^”

Sarah Chesler: - Reverbnation:

“word... oh, best name evr.!. ”

Broadashim - Reverbnation

“StankBot Tyranny: Banjo Blues. A new favorite!”

StankBot - Reverbnation

“From: TASTEOFJOSEPHENE great stuff guys!!!! u rock!!! love it!!!! monks of sex is such a cool name too!!! Good luck with all you do xxx josephene xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”


“The Monks of Sex are high energy Ralph keeps the crowd moving and the band is tight if you want to have a good time see these guys you will love them”

Peekskill Times