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“...by far the best I've come across is this fella who was a highlight of last summers Cheap as chips festival. 4 tracks of urban folk with a punk attitude.. ...This is skill and you should track him down and get him to play your front room. (Part of review of EP 'Folk music for City dwellers') ”

“As a result of playing more frequently in the last year or so, TLG has developed into a very confident and thoroughly entertaining solo performer, and is on something of a roll right now; I was so inspired by him last night, I am much closer to doing something about going out there myself with my acoustic guitar. The coup at 'Voices' is that each act gets three songs, which is plenty in some cases, but not enough in TLG's. When he isn't tied to the microphone he struts around the floor like a Weller/Townshend hybrid accompanied, in spirit at least, by his fantasy rock band; and when he is at the microphone, he continues the posturing which has now become his trademark: raising his guitar, Jimmy Page-style, in the air like a rifle, or lowering it like a shovel. Truly inspirational!”

Toby Burton - www.rock-til-you-drop.com

“Last night it was their loss, as ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP at The Alley Cat played host to the hilarious Punks Not Dad and the ever-entertaining Lone Groover. These two acts deserve bigger audiences than they got last night.The Lone Groover, as always, played a bespoke set of original and cover songs from his ever-growing repertoire, throwing in punk classics by Stiff Little Fingers and the Clash, as well as airing a new song inspired by the recent scenes of protest in London and civil unrest around the world. Before the show, the Lone Groover and I shared the pleasure of greeting and chatting with Gaye Advert as she entered the venue and she even remembered me, which was cool. ”

“The Lone Groover was great and a real highlight of the weekend for me. A bloke, his acoustic guitar, three chords and the truth!”

“The Lone Groover, brilliant acoustic set, original material and some loved covers, he's made a new fan of me and probably a few others who were there last night. ”

Tox's blog (14 carat grapefruit)

“The Lone Groover is a regular at the RTYD acoustic afternoon as well as a RTYD gigs in London. He has grown in confidence as a solo performer and since I first met him. His songs are rife with romanticism, nostalgia and protest at the current state of the world. They are protest songs for the RTYD generation. ”

“Anyway, first up was stalwart of the RTYD live scene on both sides of the stage, Brian Caulfield, tonight playing punk-folk songsmith The Lone Groover, and later playing himself, punk fan and a supporter of live music locally. As the Lone Groover, Brian got the ball rolling and the room warmed up, delivering a bespoke set of aptly chosen and dramatically executed cover songs of 7" inch punk classics, all of which he brought along on vinyl and displayed at his feet for all to reminisce over. He is the new star of the scene. ”