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D-Rich / Press

“I work with this brother during the day and I could tell he was not just a regular cat. His swag was definitely on some original individual shit. Young boys like him usually wear Air Jordans and not adidas. I figured he was one of those Black nerd dudes listening to some Radiohead and schtooping that snowflake poonanny. That’s what I’d do. I asked him what he had planned for his weekend and he told me he was going to be performing at a spot downtown called Pianos. “Oh shit, I fux with Piano’s my nig”, I told him trying to sound like I was cool too. He told me to come thru, and I swear I would have if I wasn’t busy that night chasing around drugs like a shermhead. Damien’s show was filled in the audience with all the fly chicks I see him macking at the dayjob. I suppose it’s just as well I didn’t fall thru. These chicks don’t even wanna let an old fat nigga like me sniff they bloomeristicks. I might should just stay in my home on Fridays, fuxing with the internets, a”

“Killing Me Softly Meet Damien Richards, 30, a single New York-based singer/songwriter/musician with a dazzling smile who can strum your pain with his fingers and sing your life with his words. ”


“Damien Richards is rated number 59 for NYC on Reverbnation… so when my friend Maggie mentioned his project I couldn’t help but get a little excited. I checked out his site and was pleased to hear something… well, unexpected. Not only is Damien really down to earth, he’s fun, has a great smile and style. Damien Richards accomplishes a unique vibe influenced by a combination of classic American rock and traditional African drums.”

Katie McVeay - Music Without Labels & Beat-Play

“One of New York's most soulful alternative artists to sing in the Alternative music genre is Damien Richards. We've seen him perform acoustically, and with a live band, and each performance has been worthy of all praise received. Damien's voice carries a connection between the listener, and the message in his lyric, making him one of the best artists we've heard! Damien will take the stage in New York again for an intimate and interactive performance on December 17th, and will give an update as to what's happening with his career and where he's going as we move into 2011. If you've never heard of Mr. Richards, that's ok ... you're here now! ”

Publicist - Natasha VonCastle