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The Decliners / Press

"The act of declining is a rather polite refusal, particularly for a punk band. But, the Decliners aren't a typical punk group. Vocalist-guitarist David Hickson sings like a ghost gone a-haunting while his distortion-ravaged guitar oozes over the rhythm section. Composed of members of the Piss-Shivers, Drunktank and Death By Tire Iron, the Decliners are a group of experienced musicians who are ushering in a new era of politically enraged Northwest sludge rock. Rather than constantly waving its middle finger, though, the Decliners opt for the far-more-insulting thumbs-down." DAVE CLIFFORD.

Dave Clifford - Willamette Week

“(From the Willamette Week:} "Political punk need not be the stuff of flag-burning, ranting paranoiacs and Mohican-haired, spike-donning crusties. Portland's own masters of the "thumbs-down"a much more powerful insult than the tired old middle fingerthe Decliners prove that the machine can be duly raged against both with a sense of melody and without tuneless screaming. The quartet's debut, Thanks, But No Thanks, utilizes effect-laden guitars and grim vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Wipers and late-period Gang of Four. DAVE CLIFFORD" ”

Dave Clifford - Willamette Week