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The 21st Century / Press

“My friend Emily wants to take your music on a road trip, circa 1969. She wants to cuddle up to the tambourine and I want to share a blunt with the harmonies. Your music makes us want to be nicer to people, which is uncomfortable for us.”

"Oakland's The 21st Century is a band on a mission. The infectious indie pop septet has an opportunity to record with legendary producer Stephen Short."

“From the second they started their harmony-driven folksy music, I felt like I was being shaken awake after being stuck in the fuzzy black and white static of a broken television. My toes tapped – literally. Not just my toes, even – the entire ball of my foot lifted in time with the relentless tambourine.”

“Have you ever had one of those incredible music experiences that makes you want to fall in love, lets you feel like you’re already in love, and basically reminds you that you are everywhere at once and nowhere but right here? That’s what hearing The 21st Century was like.”