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Steve Kelly / Press

“Steve Kelly has a talent for performing non-rhyming songs and bringing them to life in your mind. Brilliant! ”

“Your work is unique .. brilliant”

“Steve, this is some of the most singularly unique material I've heard in a long time. I can't begin to imagine what sort of influences you been exposed to. It sounds as if you've been isolated from everything and left to invent your own genre! This makes your sound truly yours!”

“How sweet it is!! I am delighted with your songs Steve - Each one takes me somewhere else to explore & you make it such an inspiring & wonderful journey!! Your musicianship, voice and sound production is perfect. Your heart is beautiful as it is conveyed in the beauty of the songs.”

“If music were transportation... you would be a solar powered soul sled! Thanks for the sounds!!”

“Your music has universal meaning and magical properties.”

“One would say music comes as easy to him as the flight of a bird in springtime. And thus this music clears up the cloudy sky in our heads. So, Steve, let me tell you this: You are a child, it’s quite noble, the precious stone of a soul’s child. You are a child, and you will last.”

“The playlist on that player is, I must say, awesome watch-the-sunrise music. Not to offend with comparisons, but if I had to describe it by reference to other artists, I'd include Lindsey Buckingham, Ian Anderson, and even my beloved Johnny Cash.”

“Kind of an early Pink Floyd / Nick Drake hybrid.”

“I didn't know you. Why ? It's incredible, your music is terrific, it is coming from nowhere !”

“You remind me of early Bob Dylan meets Bruce Springsteen”

“Your songs are words spoken by rainy clouds. Your songs are green grass under barefoot. Your songs are a friend knocking on the door.”

“Your music takes me to places far away and very close at the same time.”

“Like that first breath of fresh air that hits you when you open the door one morning early in spring”

“You remind me of a modern day Pete Seeger”