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Swirl / Press

“Song Chemistry The lyrics are inspired by life experiences and the world we live in.”

"Highlights include the hooking you immediately opener, 'Fourth Of July' that even quotes Johnny Cash and the Soundgarden like 'Mad Disease' both musically and vocally. Then there's the gutsy 'Rise Up' with Zakk Wylde like urping as I like to call it that has that big hair like arena sound going down or the slammy 'n' agressive 'We Are Alive'. Excellent." 9/10 score

“DT and Shane discuss all things Swirl, from the origin of the band, current state of the industry (a response to the Gene Simmons "Rock is Dead" quote), the inclusion of the bands music in the film 'Ditch Day Massacre' and future plans for the band! Published Jan 6, 2015.”

"Loved the music by the group Swirl." "Sex, drugs, booze and an Ax makes a perfect orgy of mayhem. Teenage hormones and spin the bottle will be the last end result of teenage fun, as the blood and death run in all its horror inducing wonder. A fun, awesome, wild throwback slasher flick of great acting, twisted gore and a man seeking his solace through the pain of others."

“Sometimes a gem just falls into your lap and that's exactly what's going on here. In the third song of the current collection we find the beefy riffs of the guitar driven lead single "Rise Up", possibly the best of the compilation with an insanely catchy chorus that could certainly be heard on today's rock radio. Who the hell is Swirl.....find out Just like The Meister did! I guess I'm now part of the Swirl Society, and you should be too!”

“This ensemble's #TimeToFly is NOW. SWIRL is fierce. A mixture of rock, metal and alternative. "Spell" is simplistic yet provocative. Prepare to be mesmerized. Great lyrical content, harmonies and instrumentation. Would make an excellent back drop for a 'car chase' scene in a movie. "Rise Up" is radical. Superb guitar riffs and drums. An anthem for those who have been oppressed or bullied. Very commercial piece of art with strong messaging. "Time to Fly" is a tale of taking your life to the next level. Extremely inspirational song. Stellar vocals, instrumentation, production and overall song composition. In short, SWIRL should be proud of their recent efforts. Every track is poignant and possesses immense commercial and radio use potential. This ensemble's #TimeToFly is NOW. Their marketability and sophistication will take them far. First step, is a spot on our #360WatchList.”

"After listening to “Swirl” in its entirety it has lifted me up mood wise! Now when music has a positive vibe like this it is what keeps Rock/Metal alive and well! You can really feel the passion and the exceptional quality in the music that SWIRL creates!"

“The seven tracks here display a mainstream edge production-wise while retaining their own approach with an uncompromising sense that is a welcome release from most of the mainstream fare we’ve experienced for the last decade.”

“Swirl blends the heavy rifts of rock and metal influences with modern sounds and ideas. Combine this with their lyrics and you have some very powerful, soul changing music on your hands. When you listen to them, you aren’t just listening to music, you’re listening to your story. If you have never seen them live, I recommend taking a few hours to go out and catch a set. You can actually feel yourself being carried away by the music, the high levels of energy they put out just wash over you and sweep you away. It’s all about personality, in the end, and Swirl brings it in spades. The group work together as a team, on and off stage, determined to bring the best experience possible to their fans, blending their individual personalities together to bring Swirl to life. From vocal Casanova, to insanity on skins; from titillating riffs to proving there are more strings on a bass than the two focused on by most bands, this group has it down.”

"Strong vocals, scorching guitar leads and a high-energy stage presence were only some of the many positive traits of Swirl’s greatly enjoyable performance last night. - See more at: http://metalassault.com/gig_reviews/2013/12/13/jake-e-lees-red-dragon-cartel-makes-live-debut/#sthash.b3EauTzA.dpuf

“'SWIRL' CD review got an 8/10 score. Review is on pg 86 Megadeth on the cover”

“All The World’s a Stage for SWIRL After an Unbelievable Year the Band is Adrenalized for 2010!”