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SKEE-LO / Press

“SKEE LO's 'I Wish' Scores ESPN Ad Alongside Kevin Hart – Inside Hip-Hop's Most Unlikely Comeback!”

“Kevin Hart's NBA Wish (Re-Make) of SKEE-LO "I Wish"”

“Skee-Lo joins Cher Lloyd & The Roots to perform a mash-up of their songs "I Wish"”

“Skee-Lo Interviews on Sway Show "Sirius Radio"”

“Skee-Lo "I Wish" - VH1 Top 40 GREATEST HIP-HOP SONGS OF THE 90s”

“Toyota 2013 "Super Bowl Ad" Sound tracked by Skee-Lo's "I Wish"”

“Rapper SKEE-LO Is Standing "…a Lil Bit Taller." Returns with a new single, album & record label..”

“Howie Mandel - Skee-Lo Secretly Filmed At His House.”

“SKEE-LO "I Wish" Toyota AD (Top 15 Most Viewed Commercial in History of Youtube)”

“SKEE-LO # 6 - Top Tweeted Artist Of Super Bowl 2013”

“SKEE-LO “I Wish” – Record sales went up 324% after Toyota commercials.”

“Skee-Lo Details "Fresh Ideas" Album, Says "I Wish" Began As Good Life Freestyle”

“Short-man Syndrome: Fact or Fiction? / Fun Interview with SKEE-LO”

“Skee-Lo (and Mrs. Skee-Lo) share thoughts on “The Hobbit” Movie. They’re pro!”

“Read What People Are Saying About Skee-Lo Every Day On Twitter”

“SKEE-LO "Toyota" Ads. What Role Does Music Play in the Most Viral Commercials?”