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“You're my favorite musician”

Nikki New - Facebook

“En Las Nubes is great it works absolutely great”

Ivy Masse - Reverbnation

“Yeah this is a great tune (You And Me). Buy "Two Thousand and Twelve" ya'll!”

Marcos "The Goat" Zamudio - Facebook

“Muy Nice! (Damian Rivera's Artwork)”

Rosie Montelongo Guevara - Facebook

“Much respect for your amazing work and my support for you, you have a new fan.”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“Absolutely brilliant music”

Bernice Saravia - Reverbnation

“cool song, great vocals (This Night After)”

Lolina Vur - Soundcloud

“The production quality is really good too. When I put it on shuffle it sounds great along side everything else I have on it.”

Marcos "The Goat" Zamudio - Facebook

“I love having "Two Thousand and Twelve" on my iPod. Every time "Step right up" comes on I get excited. Truly wonderful album guys. Echos of The Beatles, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley among others. Excellent songwriting. Keep on keeping on!”

Marcos "The Goat" Zamudio - Facebook

“My name is Jim Rose and I would love to work with you. One of my nephews turned me on to your stuff and man you have something real and cool :) I think he found you on one of those sites that has to do with a camp or nation or cloud or something.”

Jim Rose - Direct Email

“we dig your tunes hopefully we see each other on the road some day Peace + Good Gigs”

John (of The American Economy) - Reverbnation

“Hey River Blind you're truly underratted”

John Samson - Reverbnation

“Sounds Great!”

Modry - Reverbnation

“Hey i absoulutey love your music”

Carla Muller - Reverbnation

“Interesting lyrics and generally really solid and authentic songwriting.”

Byron Diel - Facebook

“It's a really good jam to get the morning started at work. Accoustic music (even though slightly rocky / edgy) doesn't get me into too much trouble at work... especially on a Friday. This song [La Jolla Shores] is a good way to send off the work week and coast into the weekend. 9/10”

William Bowlin - Facebook

“I would like to let you guys know about some up and coming people in the valley. River Blind Band lead singer Brian, people I have had the pleasure of working with Brian and the band , check them out on face book for their new CDs,@ http://riverblind.weebly.com/”

“Ur number one fan buddy!”

Ivette Escarsega - Facebook

“Hey, great sound guys ! keep rocking out”

Blocking Out The Sun (band) - Reverbnation

“You guys are awesome!”

Ethan Rivera - Direct Quote

“What a great band!”

“Mexican country jk river blind rocks”

“Just bought and listened to your 2012 album. It's really beautiful. Very intense, thoughtful, melancholy songwriting, and I really enjoy your singing as well. It felt very appropriate to my mood this afternoon. Solid work, my friend. Keep it up!”

Byron Diel - Facebook

“Great sound! We'd like you to perform @ Red Carpet Event in SF for Universal Rep @ Hard Rock Cafe 1/25”

iS Music - Reverbnation

“Let the eargasms begin!!”

Jocelynn Harlan - Facebook

“river blind is like Mexican country huh?”

Gwynn Carr - Direct Quote

“:-)WOW.I Truly Admire Your Tunes,Style & Creativity.”

Irina Singh - Reverbnation

“Your music is fantastic! I really enjoyed listening.”

Rachel Belman - Reverbnation

“I'm co-writer w/Jeff Byrd Music enjoying your music. Good stuff.”

Kevin W. Smith - Reverbnation

“I like them all!!! i was listening to all of them this morning! keep it up River Blind”

Patty Gonzalez-Sucilla - Facebook

“i love ur song.. u are so cool”

Kazamackwoot - Reverbnation

"a musical genius, you have to admit you already are"

Agustin Antonio - Facebook

“Very good indeed!!!!!!”

Michael McKinney - Facebook

“my favorite song...[and i know]”

Ivette Escarsega - Facebook

“Send me the lyrics in English [Olvidate De Mi], I love the song. It's really good!!!!”

Michael McKinney - Facebook

“I do not understand the language, but I understand the music, and the vocals are great, the music is great, and best wishes for you, Mikey Likey!!!! Right on very good music!!!”

Michael McKinney - Facebook

“Hey its BJ & I liked “Down To The Water””

BJ of AR Select - Reverbnation

“That is some bad ass music. I loved it.”

Nancy Cortez - Text Message

“I need "And I know".....”

Ivette Escarsega - Facebook

“Great music. Impressive website.”

Adriana Ahlin - Email

“I really like YOU AND ME”

Linda Hanks - Reverbnation

“hey River Blind I'm a talent scout from a prominent music and entertainment company... Like your sound, keep up the good work! NP”

hey_itsnikki - Reverbnation

“Dude I so need a copy of "And I know".....I played my copy out....”

Ivette Escarsega - Facebook

“Loved your music! True Talent!”

David J - Reverbnation


Izzy Gonzalez - Facebook

“you got some cool stuff here...respect hope to hear more and see new videos...”

Mydogisdead - Reverbnation

“Enjoyed listening to your work”

Kerry Leigh - Reverbnation

“cool performance lovely vocals excellent melodies respect to you”

Mydogisdead - Reverbnation

“Nice song brian! Down the Water was my fav”

Patty Gonzalez-Sucilla - Facebook

“Really like the "When I'm Gone". Great Job!”

Nubia Daguia - Facebook

“Hey guys. Really dig your melodic sound. Would be cool to do a show with you sometime, we complement. Best wishes & keep rock-n! SB”

Stephen Brad - Reverbnation


thehideview - Reverbnation

“nice stuff”

unsignedbandasylum - Reverbnation

“Hey hey... Step Right Up is an amazing song. Cheers, Bryce”

Engage The Radio - Reverbnation

“man sweet sounds”

Love Star District - Reverbnation

“Cool sounds!”

Elemental 77 - Reverbnation

“si me gustan :) tienen una fanatica :)”

MC93 - Rockero

“Chida la banda carnales!!!!!”

Cocho10 - Rockero

“Chidas rolas!!”

MC93 - Rockero

“Rock on”

Broken Sylence - Reverbnation


The Long Black Veils - Soundcloud (song: this night after)

“Hey there, Cool vibes here. Peace and love, Mary”

Mary Plant - Reverbnation

“Keep making it happen, River Blind on their way..”

Richard Arroyo - Text Message

“Very nice songs!”

The Peppermint Candy - Reverbnation

“i listened to your stuff. STRONG”

The Human Project - Email


“Love Your Sound”

Chugstuaeuphil - Reverbnation

“..listened to a few of your tracks..great music fellas...”

Joe Osejo - Facebook

“hey i really like ur music, keep up the great work :)”

JMCQueen - Reverbnation

“Doing some spring cleaning & listening to the CD you had sent awhile back.... Dad says he'd buy it! LoL I dig it & we need to jam!!!!”

Sarah Clark - Facebook

“Hey, how are you? I'm feeling the music”

MBPtunes - Reverbnation

“great look and great tunes”

Dave Bickmore - Reverbnation

“hi your songs are superb great awsome love to listen...all the best keep on rocking god bless you yours – mohnysh”

Mohnysh - Reverbnation

“My favorite song is ooooooooooo”

Arnaldo Dario Soto Pabon - Facebook

“you'r very talented brian. :)”

Patty Gonzalez-Sucilla - Facebook

“Thanks for representing in a positive skillful way. I appreciate that more than words can express properly..gracias”

Gil Suave - Reverbnation

“hey guys love the music”

JSM Recording Studios - Facebook

“I just stopped by to visit , sounds great! Peace! :)”

Sean Patrick Adams - Reverbnation

“Awesome stuff!”

Staves Of Salvation - Reverbnation

“River san, yr japanese sounds like machine-translated, mysterious and affectionate. thank you so much.”

Masamichi Honda - Facebook

“I totally love the new song [baciami versione acustica] ! I don't now what your saying, but I ♥ it :)”

Valerie Parker - Facebook

“good stuff:)”

Nymphonomicon - Reverbnation

“I found your profile on here, and I'm digging the vibe”

Afton Fresno - Email

“You guys keep rocking it!”

Stephen Brad - Reverbnation

“Great music and nice website... would love to go to ur gigs and watch you play...”

Patty Vela - Rockero

“Hi Steve...I checked out the new song and the website and have to say I really like it...the sound is distinctive and catchy the lead singer is also surprisingly good...I think also you may be just one or two catchy songs away from getting some nice fanbase and who knows from there.”

Scotty Steffen - Email

“Hey there! Still loving your stuff! Keep up the great work!”

Brandon White - Reverbnation

“i loved your music i like your page”

Wolf Critton - Reverbnation

“Love the tunes! Cheers to you! Drew :o)”

Drew Ross - Reverbnation

“Really like the harmonies and flow to your music. Glad to be friends. Keep up the good work.”

OTW - Reverbnation

“Rock on!!!”

Jocelynn Banks - Facebook

“I was just listening to some of your tunes... impressive! Keep up the good work! J”

Damaged Goodz - Reverbnation

“Love your sound! Wishing you all the success in the world from your friend Jon in PROMIZE”

Jon (of Promize) - Reverbnation


The Havenites - Reverbnation

“Downloaded 'You And Me'... loved it. Thanks!”

Christian Guerrero - Facebook

“Please take a moment to listen to River Blind. The genre is Indie/Alternative. They are offering free music downloads and I must say they sound quite interesting. I also like their kind marketing approach.”

Ed Smith - Facebook

“You RAWK”

Sisaret - Facebook

“i'm from indonesia i'm waiting ur coming here i want u perform in Indonesia”

Dirly Arch - Facebook

“I dig River Blind's tunes. Maybe some where down the road you guys would let me produce a track. I'd love to collaborate with ya.”

Brian Lanese of Permanent Ability - Facebook

“Good job Brian. I like your music.”

Nikki Carlene - Facebook

“I like the guitar. :)”

Nikki Carlene - Facebook

“nice song "you and me"...;)”

One Time Too Many - Reverbnation


Alma Baruth - Facebook

“Checked out your Tunes.... Great Talent”

Specyphi - Reverbnation

“omg primo el song de you and me is so great good luck ...”

Yolaida Echevarria - Facebook

“¡Buenos vídeo y música! ¡Mejor de la suerte a usted! Good Video and Music! Best of Luck to you!”

Black Lung - Reverbnation

“Step right up has an "Ours" feel to it. If you haven't heard the band Ours Check them out you might like. Dig the tunes! Mahalo, Chris”

ThisFunctionall - Reverbnation


Gabe Rola - Facebook

“keep up your good work on your music.”

Claus Gamborg - Reverbnation

“Great Music, I enjoyed it!”

Edie Simmons - Reverbnation

“Aloha, sounds great!”

ThisFunctionall - Reverbnation

“can't wait to see u play live much love E”

Delta74 - Rockero

“ye well worth a listen”

Drunk Mule - Reverbnation

“We're now fans of yours”

Slowtowne Serenaders - Reverbnation

“A'right River Blind Drunk Mule from Scotland UK 'ere checkin' out & lovin' ye stuff man! Cheers Rich & Steve”

Drunk Mule - Reverbnation

“I enjoyed the new tune. Thanks. Best of luck with the CD.”

Byron Diel (of Super Fluid Helium 3) - Facebook

“I’m a fan of many genres but I’ve never come across a band that has so many all in one. I can honestly say I’m now a huge fan. I loved the emotion that the lyrics carried with them, and I couldn’t get some of the main chords out of my head all day! I really enjoyed the blend of styles they had ... River Blind’s music is a compilation of many genres, styles, languages all mixed together in an unexpected and somewhat poetic way, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“whats going on River Blind? long time no hear .. you are the best in my book ...”

Eric Bush - Facebook

“You guys have a great sound. Keep on making music”

Danny Lango - Reverbnation

“I always like ur music meiinnz <3”

0oluisao0 - Rockero

“Wow!!! Brian u guys r awsome, love that song "bachami" I think that's what the title is sorry I'm new to ur music. But anyways u guys hv talent, u guys hv a fan in me now!!!”

3dith - Rockero

“outstanding music, keep up the good work”

Second Journey - Reverbnation

“River Blind, how are you? You sound great! I was wondering if you were interested in playing an upcoming show...If you are interested please let me know, and we can discuss details.”

Road Booking - Reverbnation

“Buenas canciones, buenos fraseos y melodias. Seguire escuchando su buena musica!”

Andres Tarrio - Reverbnation

“Heard your musica...... wow, very impressive!!”

Marisela Estrada - Facebook

“Hi riverblind...got your cd, thanks sooooo much! I wish I knew spanish :) keep in touch, I always loved your music. ”

Nikki New - Reverbnation

“very nice music. great vocals! ”

Lolina Vur - Reverbnation

“Gracias primo .. Darío mi hijo, esta pega'o con la canción Ooooooooo .. Nítida .. y bendiciones para ustedes tambien .. !!”

Arnaldo &quot;Kiko&quot; Soto - Facebook

“el cd me llegó más rápido de lo que esperaba .. escuché las tres canciones y realmente me gustó .. tanto a mi como a la familia .. Espero que sigan adelante .. y como se dice aquí en Puerto Rico, el disco está BRUTAL ... !! GRACIAS MIL .. Pa' lante y Exito ..!! ”

Arnaldo &quot;Kiko&quot; Soto - Facebook

“your way awesome!!!!I have new tunes to rock in my mali now!!!”

George Martin - Facebook

“Fuaaa ya agarree el Cd :D me yego gracias River Blind thanks bro love the music keep the hardwork :)”

Jose &quot;Calakas&quot; Vasquez-Lopez - Facebook

“How cool is River Blind Band?? Hmmm well You are way awesome!!! Thanks Brian for your CD.. You Rock!!! Love your tunes!!!”

George Martin - Facebook

“that song [meet your maker] is breathtaking.”

Nikki New - Facebook

“I got my CD yesterday!!! 2 Thumbs UP!!!!”

Simonica Banks - Facebook

“me gustan un chingo...me parece que el vocalista le da un timbre al vocalista de radiohead Thom Yorke...es un proyecto muy muy interesante...se los recomiendo, busquenlos”

“I actually saw him [Rufus Wainwright] open for Tori Amos. He was great. I wanted him to sing that song [In My Arms] but he didn't. Now that I think about it, that song is very similar to some of your stuff. I can see why I dig you both! ;)”

Christian Guerrero - Facebook

“Son muy talentosos!! ;) mucha vibra positiva para vos!! ;)”

Irma Keith - Facebook

“Your songs are beautifully tallented, with tragic undertone that make me want to cry, yet somehow fills my heart with hope at the same time. I wish I knew you guys.”

Grattitude Encourages - Facebook

“I love your music, and your band name! Mysterious :) you guys are all right. I can tell your not shallow, so u have 2 thumbs up from me!!”

Grattitude Encourages - Facebook

“feel free to get to know me... I love your band, keep up the good work!”

Nikki Cooper - Facebook

“awesome video”

Adolfo Guerrero Jr. - Facebook

“you guys sound good. Surprised I haven't seen you before. Do you guys play anywhere around town? ”

The Fresnan - Reverbnation

“listening to your player right now. Good Stuff!!”

Charish Pyatt Hoover - Facebook

“Solid compositions,execution and delivery, lots of devotion in all your creations.”

Gil Suave - Reverbnation

“8.5! (:”

Adeline Farfan - Facebook

“just checked out the band love the sound...something new for sure”

Brent Rendino - Facebook


Megabyonic - Reverbnation

“like the new music by the way! your so talanted :)”

Crystal Rivera - Facebook

“con relacion a tu demo.. Me gusto la letra tienes buen tibre al cantar…”

Armando Villanueva (of Univision Radio) - Email

“love your work, would love to collab with you man”

Toysoja - Reverbnation

“I like the stuff you posted on my page. Keep on keepin on brother, salud! rafa”

Azulpasalud - Rockero

“Your stuff is great!”

Jim Norton - Reverbnation

“Chicos a penas escuche su rendición de "Bella Donna" y les salió buenisima. Me encanta el sentimiento que logran ejecutar en la guitarra. El vocal estuvo buenisimo en Italiano! Me emocionó mucho poder imaginarme el progreso de canción escrita a finalmente la composición viva :)”

Melyna Campos - Facebook

“All great songs. Loved your voice since i was a little girl. Real talent”

crystal rivera - facebook message

“I mean it. You guys sound great!”

jennifer swengel - facebook message

“listening now.......very good music brian : ) I'm proud of you man you've done good for yourself. Thanks for the link. I like : )”

jennifer swengel - facebook message

“ZonaAzul Dice Hola! You rock”

zonaazul - rockero.com

“Hi> Liked your music. I'll share it with my friends. Maybe we can set up a gig in your area to showcase our bands. we can do the same here. Here is the link to my site. it would be cool if you shared it with your friends. thanks!http://www.reverbnation.com/zonaazul”

zonaazul - rockero.com

“Hey Brian. Had the pleasure of hearing your material which I truly dig... ”

teacoman - reverbnation.com

“ok grasias mi kerido brian ya te mande la invitasion en face..alla nos bemos y una bes mas me encanta tu musica echale ganas y aki estamos para apoyarte..pazzzzz”

pandapunks - rockero.com

“Hey brian..great tunes!!just cking things out on your page and listening to your music..nice..”

george martin - facebook

“hoolllaaa...mi kerido amigooo....una ves mas te repito ke me encanta tu musica;)...olles no tienes facebook? saludos”

pandapunks - rockero.com

“hows the music ind. treatn you?? you got some good tunes.. ”

george martin - facebook comment

“..wow i love your songs...i will love to get to know u much better and also become friends with you what you think about that.. ”

julieamaning30 - rockero online forum

“I've been a little fan of yours for a while, ever since I first heard you here through Rockero.com...I'm curious to know what kind of projects you're into. I wish I could broaden up the music scene a bit more in Santa Barbara and would be honored to see you play live sometime. You especially drew my attention in your Italian song since I'm a fluent speaker and it's rare to find Italian renditions like that.”

lilrockerita - rockero online forum

“Your a coool artist ... one of your number one fans ...love ya”

eric avila - facebook comment

“Hi Brian, your website looks great! Did you make it from scratch or use a template? I'm about to downloaded your song on The Heineken contest. Good Luck!1 Tu amiga, Patricia ”

patricia rivera - reverbnation comment

“We really dig ur sound waves ”

third candle - reverbnation comment

“Hola Brian. Keep the good music Yours sounds very nice. Buena suerte siempre and my pleasure to meet you... ”

emma ayala - reverbnation comment made

“i like your stuff”

amy - reverbnation comment made


346djvago - rockero online forum

“hola ! gracias por la playlist espero que te encuentres muy bien con tu musica :) siguele adelante”

rockeraloca - rockero online forum

“cool music man, keep it up!”

pzyko - rockero

“Brian, cuando vienes a presentarte en Arriba Valle Central?”

Lupita Lomeli (host of Arriba Valle Central) @ Univision - email received

“Hi Brian, Are you doing all of this yourself (drum machine, backup vocals, etc…)? I like the feel of the song ”

bill sayre - email received

“Pero que buena cansion amigo Te felisito sigue con tus buenos prollectos”

vypcorp - email received

“Hey Brian. Thanx for reaching out man!! I appreciate the love. Keep playing music brother and pass it on!!! Dog.”

wil-dog abers of OZOMATLI - facebook

“I love your music. Great picture. Love, Your favorite Sister. xoxo”

adriana ahlin - facebook

“love the music, keep going with it”

ruben rivera - facebook

“hola primo espero te encuentres vien junto a tu fam.no savia que cantavas y se oye imcreiblemente vien me encantaria tener tu cd dime como puedo conseguirlo”

rene rivera - facebook

“I love your music. Hot production. Blessings to You and your dreams”

Divine Charle&#x27;nee/Def Jam - reverbnation

“buenas las songs hermano te deseo lo mejor con el project ojala podamos compartir tocar juntos cuídese...”

julliet - myspace

“you got good music and would like to wish you and your band a successful career, you guys have something special...”

rafael vasquez - facebook

“hoye que buena musica la que tienes muy buenas conposisiones”

vypcorp - myspace


joeys_one_and_forever - myspace

“brian!! love your stuff 2!! let me know when you are playing in the area. ”

kellie lee - reverbnation

“Keep up the great work”

8 souls - myspace

“Hey Brian, very cool stuff. ”

chuck h - myspace

“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend,are one of a kind and I appreciate you much...truly from my heart to yours. ”

glc mims (the vocal doctor) - reverbnation

“oye de verdad ke tu musica esta ¡¡SuPeR!!”

irma - myspace

“nice tunes!!”

george martin - facebook comment


shava (firecat) - myspace

“very impressed by the singing its very good.”

alexis rowberry - myspace

“Hey I would like you to stop by my studio some day maybe we can write a song together or start a new project!!! I like your music man!!!!”

alejandro ramirez - myspace

“keep on playing the good music!!!!”

missxxyou - rockero online forum

“I really enjoy your music and regularly visit your profile so I can listen to your songs. I like your style”

alejandro ramirez - reverbnation comment posted

“Brian, Solrac here, loved your songs (most of them) and I hope to see you soon around the Riverside area... by the way, loved Baciami (kiss), but don't know the words, care to post the lyrics? that's it for now. CIAO”

solrac - reverbnation comment posted

“hey love you music ojala y puedas subir mas canciones al myspace "alcatraz: y "principe azul" plz plz”

_star - myspace

“brian ur my hero!”

musqin - rockero online forum

“ay, que pena digo me gusto la cancion "Olvidate De Mi"”

mushroomziita - rockero online forum

“weeyy cantas CHIDO!!!!!!!”

m1guel - rockero online forum


panda punks - rockero online forum


going nowhere - rockero online forum

“You sound great!!!”

vidatinta - rockero online forum


planeta - rockero online forum

“Ola Brian, Ramon here. Keyboard man, .Bro., dig your stuff...Los Lonely Boys 1st cd is awesome but, I must say your cd surpasses LLB's 2nd due to releas Oct. 13.....Hope to make contact soon....Be Well”

ramon &quot;teacoman&quot; - email received


pandapunks - rockero online forum

“lov ur music”

yuni - rockero online forum

“Wow Super buenas todas las canciones me encantaron!!! Muy bien mi cancion favorita es la de happy, espero y sigas creando muchisimas canaciones mas me encanta;)”

Tekito - Reverbnation

“Thaks Brian. love your music Exitos!! ”

Emmy Ayala (celebrity bachatera PR) - Reverbnation

“Mire, senor Rivera, me gusta 'Principe Azul'. Bien hecho”

el malito (celibrity reggetonero) - rockero online forum

“Sta chida tu musica!!! ”

sulemarys1 - rockero online forum

“Brian Rivera was pick to form part of the roster of the L.P. Records Familia!!!"”

“estava escuchando tus cansiones y estan poderosas de donde sacas tantas ideas mi chavo?”

planeta (vypcorp) - rockero online forum

“kool musik u got there ”

chilurocker - rockero online forum

“exelentes rolas repito. todas cabron tienes estilo. ”

tool - rockero online forum

“i heard some of your music and its preety rad! ”

purply - rockero online forum

“You make good music!”

chrisrockz - rockero online forum

“muy buena musica ya la baje toda esta chida para volar un ratote esperamos mas muy buen trabajo”

tool - rockero online forum

“esta bueno”

mannygesus - rockero online forum

“i new you was going to be signed...hope i get a cd...hope i get to be in front row in your shows...well me carnal im going tru sum sadness with love in a relationship and when i get like this i go to ur page and listen to ur music and let it all out..”

calakas - rockero online forum

“Congrats on being the featured indie artist!”

“Brian Rivera was chosen to form part of the roster of the L.P. Records Familia!!!"”

“how can i download ur music?”

esaxegra - rockero online forum

“i love ur freaking music”

esaxegra - rockero online forum

“i wanted Ur soNg on My Myspace page do u HaVe One? I tried beIng a faN to dowNload Ur Music bt i DUNno how.”

itspunnypaz - rockero online forum

“hey man! esta chingona tu musica. I dig it....”

loborojo - rockero online forum

“eY nice Music...ThaT caUght mY ears”

itspunnypaz - rockero online forum

“dude like your Veneno song, its catchy..... You in a band or are you solo?”

loborojo - rockero online forum

“buenas rolas”

ronyfs - rockero online forum

“pal de cool las canciones ... keep going”

mikeko - rockero online forum

“thank you for all the songs i really like it alot”

yuni - rockero online forum

“tu vos es lindisima ... u should keep singing the way u do... who r u inspired by?”

goingnowhere - rockero online forum

“This new found confidence and desire to develop his own voice compelled him to perform ... and has made him a uniquely bilingual singer and songwriter.”

“hey its good music”

pilyperplexing - rockero online forum

“just had time..2 hear ur video.. its u singing,ha?nice vocals u have...ur lyric is great..its true”

goingnowhere - rockero online forum

“hey me encanta la cansion supper buena me encantarian mas canciones de esas gracias”

yuni - rockero online forum

“i actually listened to your song i liked it”

pilyperplexing - rockero online forum

“nice Music...keep it up”

clauclau - rockero online forum

“hey whats up bro. downloaded a few of your songs a few days ago. i must tell you i really dig them. reminded me of radiohead the first time i heard them. anyways just wanted to give you props. i liked them. Cheers! Jett”

elultimoenelbar - rockero online forum

“Hi...i voted 4 u!...C Ya! ”

6malice6storm6 - rockero online forum

“Enjoyed the song..would like to hear more of your work..”

forbidden kiss - rockero online forum

“awesome songs”

ritza82 - rockero online forum

“wasss up how u been have u been contracted mann? i prayin for u dog hopely you will be on top... i heard the new songs u got that i never heard f***ing firme mannn im liking that s**t... hope to hear from you soon and to hear good news...”

calakas - rockero online forum

“nice song”

karina09 - rockero online forum

“hijo! q buen pedo! tokas bien chido!”

musqin - rockero online forum

“I've just been listening to some of your tunes. Great to discover so much good music on the web from here in Scotland. ”

Jason Shand - email received

“Thank you Brian for the opportunity to hear your songs. They were very enjoyable & much success to you!”

Patricia Williams of IPR - email received

“Hi Brian, Glad to hear you are getting good response. You have some good tunes and I love your voice. Keep on pushing it out there bro. Hope all is well with your family. ”

Bill Sayre (Producer @ Fast Traxx Studios) - email received

“buenas rolas compa. en donde puedo conseguir mas?”

nrike - rockero online forum

“omg yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am getting your Cd's cool thanks so much....I cant believe you dont think highly or yourself I bet you if you put your music out you would be very famous and you'll be famous here in the Great Canada”

ojoscafe - rockero online forum

“e wEeee te paSaste con eEsas roOLas wEEE veNenoO es la oOnda de doOnde pueDoO conseGuir mas roOlas tuyas??”

pako1707 - rockero online forum

“Hi my name is Julia, I'm from Toronto,Canada and I am loving your music...omg its so orignal.....by the way I love smashing pumpkins....Today was my favorite song...I was wondering where I can dl or even buy your CD? so I can pass it around in Canada......Thanks”

ojoscafe - rockero online forum

“dammm la rolas estan firme u gotta make hits mannn put your self out there in myspace youtube advertise urself trust me i have a feeling dat u are unike and should try it....”

calakas - rockero online forum

“mi rola favorita es prinsipe azul esta con madre guey me gustan todas las rolas pero esa es mi favorita le pones chingos de sentimiento guey”

quaresma - rockero online forum

“ya son una de mis vandas favoritas i mis amigos los escucharon i les gusto un chingo komo tocan guy la de prinsipe azul esta de poca madre y nos llego gacho la rola los voy a segir recomendando guey i ojola k llegen lejos por k se nesesitan nuevas vandas como la suya”

quaresma - rockero online forum

“estan chidas las rolas guey”

quaresma - rockero online forum

“I'm always your number one fan! I know you will always do good in whatever you do. One Love!”

Ivette Limon - email sent

“Dude ur music is awesome! Keep it going.!!”

danny2478 - rockero online forum


bunburyfan08 - rockero online forum

“nice songs me latieron”

soniaaa - rockero online forum

“cool music, congrats”

pecadosdemaria - rockero online forum

“Pretty cool stuff.”

dude - rockero online forum

“Orale chidaz rOlas sigue asi ..”

rokiip122 - rockero online forum

“I heard your music. Rocking.”

yoyo69 - rockero online forum

“sta chida tu musika!! ”

lachela - rockero online forum

“Cool man its sounds good.”

erock - rockero online forum

“saludos hermano... oiie esta chida tu rola "leccion de amor"... escribis vos mismo tus canciones??? ahh ii q paso con la otra q se iiamaba free as a flea??? donde puedo bajarla??? q esa me gusta...”

1andrex - rockero online forum

“Hi Brian, Glad to hear things are looking up for you this year. Keep it up My Brother In Christ Thanks and God Bless! ”

Bill Sayre (Fast Traxx Records) - Email Sent

“good job man!!!.. awesome”

emosad - rockero online forum

“prety gd dude”

consago91 - rockero online forum

“Thanks for sending this to me. Sounds great.”

Steve Wrath (Univision Radio Manager) - Email Sent

“chidas canciones”

skategoofy - rockero online forum

“heeey carnaaaaal adivinaaa queee???? pues que ya me se tus canciones de momoriaaaa asi que buenaaaaaa caranaaal chido pues”

purojaguares - rockero online forum


molopete - rockero online forum

“koo moosik”

yvon - rockero online forum

“q onda caon!!! netha q ya baje todas tus rOlaz tan bien chidas todas caon”

l0uis1w0pkn0t - rockero online forum


Vypcorp - Rockero

“you have a beautiful voice i really mean it”

Dmona05 - Rockero

“ho como estas compadre pues yo bien hoye escuche tus prollectos y pues esta chido me gusto mucho y si tienes muy buen talento”

Vypcorp - Rockero

“feelin the noise. rock on!”

amorvioleta8 - Rockero

“k tranza carnal muy buena tu musica me gustaria saver donde puedo agarrar tus rrolas pero gratiz por k no tengo feria hahaha ... hay me avisas donde agarro las rrolas si se puede va....”

Crow999 - Rockero

“Q onda compa!!! tu rOla red nebula ta de poka m... la puze en mi cel dame unaz clasesillaz...”

l0uis1w0pkn0t - Rockero

“WOWWWWWWW k chidas rolas t la volaste y la d olvidat d mi creo k se la voy a de dicar a mi ex. por infiel. A ver si t contrato y bienes a cantar para una fiesta, pero en verdad estan bien chidas.”

Pili 13 - Rockero