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Rhubarb Whiskey / Press

"...the excellent alcohol soaked, murder ballad, steam punk band."

"Atmospheric, literate, romantic drinking songs. What more do you want out of life?"

"...utter heartbreak and beauty all at once... excellent strings on this project include a fiddle that will make you weep into your glass of hooch, the tender mandolin and more..."

“I recently came across Rhubarb Whiskey. The band features Cindy Emchy on accordion and vocals and Boylamayka on dog-house bass, guitar and mandolin and background vocals and are a blend of vaudeville, gypsy jazz and Southern-Gothic. Check ‘em out.”

“What they present on this short-player is inebriation and hangover music. Songs written in an alcohol haze and tempered with the moring-after-blues. These six songs are roots/regret music, pieces that could have been written any time since the creation of whiskey, guitars and remorse.”

“Booze-Soaked tales of living hard, loving hard and drinking hard. Rhubarb Whiskey blends punk, country, old timey, a dash of bluegrass, a little blues, gypsy, even some ‘cowboy’ music like the corner bartender blends his version of the mickey. Like the glow of neon of the last open bar 'Same Sad End' (with guest vocals by Carolyn Mark) draws you in with a foot tappin jig, 'Saint of Nothing' wraps it's arms around you like a long lost friend and you settle in with a large draught of beer and a lusty sway. Shadows beckon from dark corners, and a light streams in from a quickly opened back door, 'Gravedigger' spins a dark sexy murder ballad yarn of love gone wrong, 'Bottles' get passed around amongst co-conspirators, a comrade drinking anthem...”

“I love this refreshing blend of punk, country, old timey, a smattering of bluegrass, a little blues, gypsy, even some ‘cowboy’ music and probably more that I’m struggling to discern! The playing is great, the blend of instruments unusual but perfect and never overdone and the vocals, whether of the feminine variety from Emchy or male from Boylamayka (work it out!) are always atmospheric, getting the best out of every song...there is a fieriness to even the ballads, with many of the lyrics being deep and poetic. In many ways the album echoes the untutored style of the old time ‘hillbillies,’many of whom had, what many think of as a modern day invention, ‘punk attitude.’ Long may this tremendous trio continue to turn out albums of this quality and individuality that is so full of passion and drive without anything extraneous added as colouration. Something that would have been totally unnecessary on this tremendous album anyway!”

“A rollicking, unashamedly drunken meander through the flotsam and jetsam of America’s forgotten, tales of murder, deceit, and despair shot through with a boozy camaraderie. Raucous and maudlin, upbeat and down, it has the extraordinary capacity to make you stomp your foot and raise a glass whilst simultaneously weeping into it. Marvellous stuff.”

“I once called Rhubarb Whiskey the Dresden Dolls of Bluegrass and I stand by it. They are full of over the top showmanship that many bands would not be able to pull off, but they sure can. This is a slowed down meandering and moody album that I think holds up their legacy pretty well. Lots of murder ballads and songs about drinking. ”Cindy” sounds like it could be a Nick Cave song. They also do a version of St. James Infirmary Blues that I swear will get your foot taping so fast you might not be able to stop it for at least five minutes after hearing it.”

“Als je op de website van het Amerikaanse trio Rhubarb Whiskey wordt verwelkomt met de woorden “Welcome To The Booze-Soaked Blues” en wordt verwezen naar een zelf te maken cocktail van water,suiker, klein gehakte rabarber en verbluffende hoeveelheden whiskey, dan weet je gelijk waar je aan toe ben bij de beluistering van het album “Same Sad End. Typisch zo’n bandje waar mogelijkerwijs de critici mee weg zouden lopen als de moeite werd genomen het in eigen beheer uitgebrachte plaatje aan te schaffen c.q. een promo-exemplaar aan te vragen. Het is praktisch onmogelijk om in een enkele draaibeurt het eigen materiaal met voetstompende blues, de onweerstaanbare murderballads, de innovatieve folkpunk en de eigenzinnige interpretaties van traditionele folkliedjes te doorgronden. Zoals zo vaak betaalt extra moeite zich dubbel uit.”

“There is only one thing that I can ever be certain of and that is what sounds good to my ears. Rhubarb Whiskey’s CD “Cautionary Tales” is a whimsical journey through dark, musky, smoky, dusty, gin, or in this case, whiskey soaked rooms. Their music is heavy on the atmosphere, and is expertly performed throughout this twelve song acoustic jam consisting of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, upright bass, and accordion. There music is extremely difficult to explain, you just have to hear it, but if I had to try to describe it to someone, I’d probably say something like this –“Imagine Bill Monroe and Sid Vicious having kids together”. I know little to nothing about them other than the fact, I love listening to their music. ”

“Alcohol soaked, southern Gothic murder ballads are the order of the day from Rhubarb Whiskey and their new album Cautionary Tales. Stories are told with a flourish and a touch of the theatrical using mandolin, guitar, accordion, fiddle and upright bass. Mixing classic American folk songs with a gypsy punk ethic works wonderfully well and chief among the highlights is a unique tale of bears and booze whose lyrics were penned by the infamous award winning horror author Poppy Z. Brite.”

“Picture Booze-soaked bluegrass, could there be anything more befitting for this time of year, on this plot of land? San Francisco is finally warm, if only for the week, so enjoy it while it lasts. Sit on your front porch (read: stairwell or fire escape), whip up a naturally-infused whiskey cocktail, then listen to the rough and tough Americana songs of Oakland's own, Rhubarb Whiskey.”

“But my favorite song, the one I have been listening to somewhat, er, obsessively, is We All Come to the Same Place. It’s a song about chosen family; for me, it’s the song I would (will probably) put at the end of a mixtape for a new friend, or lover, to say: this is sound of my ravens rising and soaring over the frozen lake, wing to wing, and my swallows, descending after a long journey home; this is the song of the travelers lantern always kept burning on my porch, for loved ones, and because I, too, often take flight, and need the light in the distance to call me home; these are my people, this is my tribe, and we are the wandering, traveling kind.”

“De stijl van Rhubarb Whiskey is niet onder een hoed te vangen. De dame en twee heren laten op deze plaat, die opgenomen is in hun eigen studio te Oakland, een bijzondere combinatie horen van new grass, underground country, americana, folk en punkrock. Ze zijn anders dan anders. Verrassend, fris, pittig, meeslepend, rauw, spannend met de juiste dosis theatrale en cabareteske elementen. De klanken van de treurende accordeon, de tedere mandoline en de melancholische viool zijn duidelijk voor elkaar geboren. De stembanden van Boylamayka, Cindy en Sizzle lijken een effectieve whiskeykuur te hebben genoten. Het resultaat breng je in een onweerstaanbare roes met liedjes over de liefde, moordballads en een flinke hoeveelheid aan Bourbon Whiskey. “Cautionary Tales” zal dan ook voor de een afschrikwekkend zijn en voor de ander zeer aantrekkelijk. Mij verveelde deze uiterst genietbare plaat geen moment.”