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R_Garcia Band / Press

“When I first became acquainted with Atlanta-based musician Randy Garcia and his new solo album "Resurgens," I was pretty much astounded - not just by the intricate and enjoyable creation he was presenting, but by the sheer depth of his overall ability and involvement with his local music community.”

“When not manning the helm at the Nophi Music Co., Atlanta-based Randy Garcia lays down his own amazing tracks. His latest release Resurgens breaks down the barriers between DIY punk rock, lo-fi electronica and danceable pop, blending them all into gorgeous, almost dreamlike soundscapes.”

“Resurgens traverses many different styles, which results in a record consistent in quality of production, but not necessarily in genre or style. This is actually a strength of the record; as it feels constantly inspired and surprising.”

“Randy Garcia is a master craftsman, involved with and exceeding at every level of his work, and brings a winsome attitude to his music that makes it irresistible.”

“...while Garcia’s latest opus remains a highly personal work, it’s also a playful record that is unafraid to experiment with different sounds and musical approaches.”