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“Chris Redburn, aka DJ Red, got involved with GGW after inviting the bus to a club where he worked in Michigan. He’s also behind the GGW theme song “Go Wild.” In contrast to typical recording artists, Redburn is surprisingly business-minded and blunt, especially when it comes to what GGW is looking for. GGW isn’t interested in the “stripper look.” His crew wanted to capture the hot college-girl-next-door type who seems like she normally wouldn’t do this sort of thing. However, considering the event took place at a fully nude bar, the stripper type is exactly what showed up.”

“Redburn is promoting through various social media sites the show as "Girls Gone Wild Bikini Party (18+) Tour Bus and Camera Crew Live ! Ladies in Free 18+ New reality show 'America's Hottest Girl' will be recording live !! REDBURN CD Release - 'The Big Bang.'"”

“Redburn fires up with the Girls Gone Wild Tour”

“Redburn with Girls Gone Wild !”