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Polarcode / Press

"This is the way to experience real talent"

"powerfully engaging"

“They have a big arena rock sound reminiscent of Coldplay along with a very prominent lead vocalist.”

“Big drums... atmospheric music and vocalist that will remind some of Bono of U2.”

“When Polarcode takes the stage, they do so with the burning intent of blowing your mind. A far cry from your typical rock set, this quartet of daring and innovative musicians want you walking away having experienced a musical spectacle of epic proportions. A rock ‘n roll band sans the guitar, their sound revolves around eccentric keyboard arrangements, tribal drum beats and soaring vocals tailor-made for arena rock shows.”

“2013 just might be the year of Polarcode. Hot off the tail of their self-titled debut album, Polarcode continues to blow away venues all over Chicago with their unique brand of alternative rock music.”