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Criminal Rock / Comments

KATIE SHOREY  (11 months ago)

rock on :) thanks guys! ~FREE DOWNLOADS~ http://facebook.com/katieshoreymusic http://twitter.com/katie_shorey http://instagram.com/katie_shorey

THAYER 81 Original Songs
THAYER 81 Original Songs  (11 months ago)

"Let's BOOK em!!"

Death is our Destiny
Death is our Destiny  (11 months ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan, best wishes for the future

Marinba Stone
Marinba Stone  (11 months ago)

when isaw the pic ithod what!!! but when i heard im like wow..... keep rocking with that family project.. iwanna invated you & every one come heard my new work solo rap the ep 13 new tracks..

GOOD DOCTOR  (11 months ago)

U guyz got your own SCHOOL OF ROCK going!! LOL. Sweet stuff. Unbelievable itz kidz.

GOOD DOCTOR  (11 months ago)

Groovy!!! Thanx 4 FANNING me. I NjoyD your soundz az well. PEACE.

MIke Starzec
MIke Starzec  (11 months ago)

Rock N Roll!!!!

Stihia  (11 months ago)

Great vibe, great songs!

iamkee  (11 months ago)

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The Brand Label
The Brand Label  (11 months ago)

cool video, like ya sounds good work