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""Richard Vest (justafewfriends)" / Comments

In the Kitchen
In the Kitchen  (10 days ago)

Cool tunes. Really enjoyed The Crash.

C3CM  (14 days ago)

Nice driving beat on "Evil Of Your Soul", I am digging this one.

Buzz Conway
Buzz Conway  (15 days ago)


Insane Agenda
Insane Agenda  (17 days ago)

Wonderful tunes! Great job, especially on Sweet Virginia!

Tony Malone
Tony Malone  (23 days ago)

Doing Time Sounds Fantastic.

fordaydreams  (28 days ago)

digging sweet virginia. right on.

Mike McWilliams
Mike McWilliams  (about 1 month ago)

Great writing

chordjacks  (about 1 month ago)

Great job, man!! Much heart and soul..brilliant songwriting!

Bob Lawson
Bob Lawson  (3 months ago)

Well they are all right, Sweet Virginia is a terrific number.

Paul Amirault
Paul Amirault  (5 months ago)

awesome and cool music !! My favorite is "Sweet Virginia":)!! All the best.