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Otto Tahouri / Comments

Otto Tahouri
Otto Tahouri  (almost 3 years ago)

Gold is thicker that blood. Blood is thicker than water though not as sweet as wine.
Lost Soul bartered for Cost Sold...
Working for income, life amounts to no outcome.
Material worth and tangible substance.
Innate value and spiritual sustenance.
Time is money and money is on my mind.
In G-D we trust leave the rest to mankind.
Supply and demand in order to get high on command.
Test fate, interest rates, or the brightest gates
Insurance premiums and contracts,
Ensures delirium and false acts.
The wealth of nations and the lure of capitalism,
Your health, salvation and pure actualism.
Adam Smith, The Fed, and Henry Kissinger,
Rampant with hot lead like a loaded Dillinger.

Otto Tahouri
Otto Tahouri  (almost 3 years ago)

If a black hole is really a white hole then
(w)hole nothingness created everything that apparently exists The greatest space is between the atoms as the llusion persists. Apparent Reality a symptom of the divine?
Correlation or causality, energy and matter are entwined Nothing is solid, everything is space.
Nothing is still, each in its own pace.
The frequency of harmony, and the distortion of chaos
The sequencing of astronomy, and the discord of Deas.
Infinitely microscopic and in finality macro-scopic.